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At eight hundred five five six seven zero eight nine eight hundred five five six seven zero eight nine that's eight hundred five five six seven zero eight nine all of the rides except the fireball reopened sunday at the ohio state fair some of the victims hurt in last week's tragedy or now sharing their stories hannah sally in her boyfriend abdelhakim hussein were on the fireball when the car right next to them broke apart and they watched in horror as a man riding in that car plunged to his death i'm thinking as won't be snakes by his home breakoff seatbelts one come out their cell rock and while i clean out get a satisfactory us out of here sally was not seriously injured but hussain is in a neck brace for a fracture both say they feel lucky to be alive mona rivera abc news a different gathering this weekend in in pasadena california was polo got some call the comecon four political geeks trump supporters like candice camper donald trump is the man that is perks acting in helping move america four four the american people praising off with trump critics like film director rob reiner only jobs he's created for com indians i mean that's about it both sides getting together four politica and listening to the other side that's the best part for trump supporter marks defender for what we need more of this we get people from opposites together i go so what are we agree on dave packer abc news history sunday in baseball texas rangers third baseman lg adrian belle trey became the first player from the dominican republic threecourt three thousand hits this is abc news.

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