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Minister Viktor. Orion the Victor Orban has been involved in politics for over thirty years during the one thousand nine hundred eighty S. He was a long head activist calling Owen to Ongeri Communist. The communist regime collapsed. I and in one thousand nine hundred ninety s country held free elections Viktor. Orban was elected to parliament leading his Fidesz party which had received saved barely nine percents of the seats. Eight years. Later or band became Hungary's Prime Minister and Bill to coalition government. We've over conservative conservative parties but oh bands. Opponents criticized each placement of allies in key wars the station and is polarizing politics. Fix all bands party lost. Its majority to fasten into any became the leader of your position. He supported the blames blames. The media for the loss in two thousand ten oban came back in a landslide so that TV on the part five this time he's feeders. Polity held the two thirds majority in parliament. This majority allowed Adam to disregard any objections forms the opposition parties and gave them the power to rewrite the constitution. They did this more than ten times since two thousand ten is tacked. The Constitutional Court is caught as a country. More conservative judges Zan Victoria all ban. Dan began to redraw the media landscape. He pushed four new regulatory bodies and media. Console stacked it with his allies the console whereas power to impose penalties on media outlets for any coverage government considers unbalance. That is anything critical of the government. We've all bands government controls in place is wealthy backers went on a buying spree from Dotan. It was the year run. The government came to power overlooked of ownership changes in the Hungarian media market or by is economist economist and member of Mythic a media watchdog. Several international investments left the Hungarian market or they just I simply saw the major of their portfolio especially in the only two car market at the same time the domestic investors bought up this media assets and this domestic to invest rs and that financial mess stars. They are political invest best starts. It means that they serve political interest of course not surprisingly program meant odaguard close to the prime minister I Began to build a media empire brought up newspapers and independent websites. The also shut down newspapers overnight like the left leaning liberty of the people more of what had been independent media suddenly became loyal promoters of government typically to Viktor Orban is looking forward to a third successive term as prime minister after e one another four year term in twenty eighteen. All Band was now how about to officially sanctions his media. Empire Kashmira now a year later. Kashmir's almost five hundred outlets. It's include political newspapers local newspapers. TV stations tabloids and news websites then the government quickly issued a decree declaring that the creation of Kashmir was a matter of his election or interest. This is key. This decree exempted cashmere from any other side from the country's competition authority and it has managed to evade any antitrust laws that could be enforced buys as European Union of which Hungary has been a member. Since two thousand four Kashmir's national dominance is built on a network of local news outlets many are in small cities across the country. So I went to one of those communities. I drove free hours to patch a CD in southwest southwest Hungary in twenty seventeen Attila. Babu's air win. Good launches a regional news website. Free pitch the explains local communities. Today have a hard time finding news about the local areas typically the Kashmir local newspapers have around sixteen pages but only a fraction is written by the local reporters that means fewer stories stories about local officials stories. We've looked going back to the issue of conducting a lot of people stopped breeding those newspapers for political reasons but but also because they weren't interesting anymore or they were badly written. Most local media owned by Kashmira and receives a content from public relations agencies. NC's told me why thinks Kashmir investors are buying small market news outlets and it's not unlike sinclair media the America which is used its chain of local TV stations to spread nationalist right-wing point of view. He yet uh-huh yeah clearly. They look for opportunities in rural areas. Where people only get information through the television or the local newspapers? It's a bigger electoral weapon than we think. Think according to a news regimen dominated by Kashmir's nationalist narrative helps keep Albans Party in power abic before launching their own. Line new site at till an air win wrote for the paper that today is owned by Kitiona but because independent and not pro government they are now running into problems of access. Zan Not invited to press conferences and officials do not answer questions. This is the easiest way to reason for that is to call us fake news so they don't communicate at all so we don't get any information on cashman not only towards information that on gas receive it plays a significant foale inside the ties moments. They see Hungary as less than ten million people about the same number as Indiana yet Indiana as it just over two hundred fifty media outlets compare that to Hungary's nearly five hundred pro government media outlets controlled.

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