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Three budget ranges allstar coming up with some numbers for asia yeah yeah we gotta go under fifty grand are under thirty grant under fifty ran under 100 grand are and then you get the uninet in a cia asked yeah three hours long instead of one hour you know i was drying as so here's a funny thing so chris maxwell pat a good luck in your internet sir he just lex bound hand and todd and paul you may be of some help i'm not sure matt will be on this one i was i was out later noone saying you can't try to make the team but to be cut today it's so be like high school okay i'm walked to my dog somebody said they're doing some internet thing or sump that favorite car and i just went bmw one pro carcass i just love this guy i love the way they looking to love their delivery i live there sudan is just sure rate eight engine naturallyaspirated just winding up bureau and then i got home and i was looking at a email this will probably help he can talk to matt fondly are about this i got an email from like classic car magaziner wasn't an auction it was like classic whatever the you know whatever i get the dessau the lower court all the stuff and i skim down and i saw a card that is my all time favorite that we never discuss almost ever i know if we ever discussed it it was a car that was a it's a mid later 60s isoed it.

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