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Trying to think of one more call to ride this app coming Holly mole. Good point. Are we talking about about calling all the Colo colon the dog from spiced? Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't have any Collins. That's okay. Booksellers? Very good. The now defunct book store chain in the strategy. Once I did work experience. They want okay. Still any books. cO hips. A proud of you. Thank you. Let's wrap it up. Let's do it. This is you. You said let's rapid opposite new refugee. Pedalo v. Can only respond if you like if you change it. So if I say, we're going to do this the shoe by joke doing with some color commentary. Yes. Yes. That's out is fair enough. We'll number one. Thanks, everybody for listening. This far, regardless of what we'd phantom EuroPol, archery or Perry Potter or Pokomo and said, Harry Potter, and Harry Potter St. fencing themed, Harry Potter fandom. It's just it's Arie accept everyone just has a sword. Instead of a war. Exactly. It's on the other side of the room. It's people in just regular fencing uniforms. But they're also wearing like how skunks and you laugh to grab the scoff and pull somebody in and then wacko money soil getting y Autry, Harry Potter poke them on whatever you gun, do whatever. Whatever franchise ended. We've ruined for you, you still Apollo for some reason. Thank you for listening. You just like, Robin Hood. Yeah. Thousand most of the people on earth. Apparently, according to this way. Thank you for listening subscribing telling you friends, even if not potty a crazy fan. Okay. Yeah. Even if they're a part of you a rival fandom. Good can come together, and you not together brownies. Yes. Hicham thirties. Yeah. We'll take him. It will take him. People. Name colon. We won't take that. Put it out there by so we'll we'll take them. All anyway, thanks for subscribing and telling people and letting them know give us a nice review in Yemen. Yeah. We love him, but you love. But if you want to contact the show, you can get a weekly planner pulled at J mile or at Facebook or Twitter or band camp. The weekly planet is a great place to follow or planet. Broadcasting robot callings is all over that. He's all of that ever happens. He's really, yeah. He's one of the best in the biz. Do you think maybe there's more than one of them? That's like a multiple week is on your rice bookies robots Andrew William cullings. So maybe there's a robot in an angel in a William cullings. Okay. And these three of them are we getting prestige d- getting for staged plenty. Hell it never even occurred to me. Anyway, he's great. He's on the planet on Twitter. What's up fun? Clips from old episodes. That's true. Yeah. He's doing he's doing all sorts of stuff. You can go to the planet. Broadcasting great night's Facebook group, you wanna get chatting about any of the podcast on the planet. Broadcasting network, you can get a planet. Broadcasting dot com. Yep. Sign up for the newsletter. Also done by road. Cullings? Rick terrific stuff. If you would like to oh, actually, I'm Ed Wikipedia Brown on Twitter. And I'm also an Instagram's Fulham Instagram. I'm movies, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube nice, thanks you've moved next week creed. Oh, yes. A show. Oh, yeah. You can go to patriots dot com slash Mr. Sunday movies. If you want to just definitely appreciate that. We're trying to get the studio. Terrific. Oh, if we can split that up a long grind, bloody Samsung TV next. That's cool. The Amazon affiliate Lincoln

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