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Podcast presented by s._d._n. Sports mobile from stations casinos so we appreciate them. We appreciate you it. Is that time to jump right into the golden knights off season for you and i didn't ask you how you're doing because i know how oh you're doing your great because you were at the award show last night. All the stars are out. You know alex trebek's. I saw alex rebecca. We was like five looks good by the way in remission currently looking pretty good to hear jeopardy james was there you know jeopardy. You know we could do the whole podcast on jeopardy james. I i'm obsessed with jeopardy james as a jeopardy contestant fascinating his awkward also very fascinating to me. I find him just endearing because he's so self deprecating and also because he changed his profile picture to weird weird al yankovic iconic music video. I lost on jeopardy saw. The immediately endeared me to him. He was there jon hamm was there of course keenan thompson doing bits on the mandalay bay events center stage even get to the biggest celebrity yet another. You mentioned keenan. Where do they find cal. I that was awesome. What has he been. I'm doing but hey we do. They got john krasinski in jennifer fisher of skype to do some bits for the opening video. That was awesome to see. Jim and pam fight gymnast eaten peanut butter on his couch lamenting. The bruins lost in the final. I will also say that a gym bringing roy to game seven epic news is one of the greatest throw in in sports history. I was blown away. It backfired hard. I mean they lost. I don't think it had anything to do with the loss. I don't know it's tempting fate out. He was trading on very dangerous ground. I'm just happy to see jimmy roy. We'll hang out. Bury the hatchet. Be friends again. No pepper spray involved hopeful very much in the weeds of the office right now but that's okay. That's the office is a big story line in the in the finals but a fun award show last night. Maybe not the best four mark stone though the in the fiji case star one of the really the only nominee for major award last night from the golden knights did not come through he did not win. The selke did not break the streak for wingers not winning but certainly a fantastic defensive season for mark zone. One of the best defensive forward leaks aren't when he was voted the number two yeah i mean he led the league takeaways with one hundred twenty two. That's the fourth highest total in history and even if he didn't break the winger drought he was still the first winger to be nominated. It'd be a finalist since two thousand seven. He finished the highest. Anyone has ever finished as the runner up <hes> since two thousand and three and so i think it was still a good showing from him in an award. It's really tough for wingers to crack just because centers are just considered the position that requires more two way play they obviously obviously take faceoffs and honestly he lost to a pretty good player in ryan o'reilly who has been just an incredible week best week ever prob. He was was like over the moon at the podium after winning that award i mean he's got a fantastic beard. He already had that golan from but still want to point it out. Helps the blues when the stanley the cup after scoring goals in like four straight final games which is incredible and he got out of buffalo got out of puff low. That was this week but certainly legit. Let's say i was starting to lose. My love of hockey. Playing in buffalo said it was real sad but it's a good turnaround story wins the consummate as playoff m._v._p. And of course wins the selke trophy so i think it's hard to argue that rhino rally wasn't deserving. He certainly incredible player but he did have a lot a lot of high praise for mark stone afterwards so i think we should listen to that right now. See.

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