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Out of musical biographies lately i've finished the the bronze biography that i've been reading and it's just antastic john elliott gardner has a very good book about box of buff music in the castle of heaven and he talks about about life in i in his music bought his one of the rare composers who actually had a relatively happy life you look at beethoven brahms is it guys who are single until they died never had any children by had a bunch of kids including some kids who are more famous than he was in their time fill a carlphilip emmanuel cp bar was more famous composer than johan sebastian actually own sebastian was famous for being a great organised but his music itself wasn't really amply discovered until a little bit later he became the basis for everything is famous story that mozart the mozart was in the middle of of writing and he actually discovered box music box music was rediscovered after one hundred seventy years and what it was rediscovered but then mohtar actually took a break from composing for months to study the counter in bah if you if you look at box music it's very often sounds when it when for example when you when you listen to box inventions his twopart inventions than what you see i in in his panda music is the use of counterpoint counterpoint is basically two themes that are playing simultaneously and it sounds like two different instruments are playing simultaneously it's just brilliantly britain he's also written some most beautiful music that's ever been written i so we'll we'll we'll you will have to play some botha's week i'll take some favorite pieces of mind that are that are about um because there really are spectacular okay other things that i like so the one thing at the emmys at the grammys rather that were pretty great uh that was pretty great joy villa who has been a guest i believe on michael mols a show i.

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