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Mask and her plea for everybody to wear a mask. A sign of respect the host Kiki Palmar, taking on civil unrest and the black lives matter movement. We must continue the fight to end systemic racism. Leaders of that movement, are you US people watching tonight. It's our time to be the change. We want to see. We need to come together. Music music has that power. The night began with solemn moment attribute to Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman. He died Friday at age 43 after a years long and very private battle with cancer. Wins news time. 7 54 well, David Blaine will not be floating over the Hudson River today. After all, the illusion has dropped a plan to strapped himself to a bunch of helium balloons and watched from New Jersey to the city, blaming logistical challenges. Instead, he's now plenty to do the stunt in Arizona. It's been promoted as by YouTube Original Livestreaming special. Blaine put out a video yesterday, saying he had a change of location because of the complexity of the project. He describes it. His groundbreaking Now he's still planning to go some 18,000 ft in the air on Lee, it will be above the Arizona desert instead of the New York City skyline with some 52 weather balloons. The original plan was to go over the city today, but with this change of plans, it's either going to be tomorrow or Wednesday, all depending on the weather in Arizona. Wins news down 7 55. Total wine and more announces points with a purpose. Now through September. 13 collect five times points on wines and spirits. Points earned equals a matching donation to local charities up to $2 million in total shock with US today.

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