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Vengeance are used every time you plug something into the wall socket a c alternating current is an invention of nickel a tesla and fak this is called the battle of the currence see tesla was originally elapses into to thomas edison but the had some kind of disagreement so tesla struck on his own and created another company with our westinghouse well thomas edison was wiring up the first city in the world to have electrcity pearl street in lower manhattan but he wind up with d c direct current so current only flows in one direction what tesla realize that that's very inefficient that if you transport electricity over a distance the energy loss is much less with a c and much greater with dc said other words you can save money we can save a lot of muddy send ding current ac rather than dc joined the steelers science fantastic as my wife favored cars nineteen '09 baker electric fully electric why fully electric engine goes one hundred ten mild on a charge the electric car early a change the whole lot rain here's an original thomas edison battery thomas edison invented these batteries these alkaline batteries through this car this is going to revolutionise the electric car and you washer mountain from an outline you can use them over and over again fact these are still good i still run running original set a thomas edison so they work okay we got to see this car it's dreams speed it literally can go from zero to sixty in less than four seconds as faster than your neighborhood force that's faster than most anything else that's out on the street these days it's that tesla and by the way take a look at this there's no internal combustion engine it runs on batteries and goes bore than two hundred miles on one charge this is science fantastic.

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