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Hope you're driving safe if you're just joining us where of your ben brik milliken with us rick did you have a good weekend drive flew by in all affair it really did time goes by when you're having fun or not i am addicted to the gam net flex typically i don't want to watch tv but man it is hard not to watch binge watch jessica jones and got the women in that show i tell you that marvel comic and i won't say who she meets family member but it's a good when i know that you had an interest in and a lot of people of interest in this marvel series the defenders luke cage an iron fist very critically important to our lives i people a role in their eyes they can you're watching that nonsense sorry sorry a half do i wonder of candidates for governor lieutenant governor watch netflix how about eating grunewald how are you my dear are doing great good morning good morning to you watch netflix ever with banner do you ever watch like amazon primer any of those shows when you get a breath uh underground crime i don't have met flick and you should get it it so much violence in a wedge says a jones one two it's just a little dollar it put out i am now folks were talking to a former tired kuehnl god and she said administrators so she's a in the efficiencies and saving money well let's talk about this so you are a lieutenant governor candidate in you went to the republican convention and i just texted ed and by the way of anyone else of lend gathered serve kevin meyer anybody wants to call in and give me your report their head and welcome to and we're happy to have them at but since i i.

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