French Army, Philippe, President Trump discussed on Morano in the Morning


Three million Germans put hundred eight hundred thousand Hungarians put under check rule thousand Ruthenians and a hundred thousand poles as soon as the Germans got back on their feet. They demanded to take back all the territories should have been taken away from them. And they said, look, we we agreed to an armistice in nineteen eighteen on the basis of the team points, the right of self-determination taking all these German lands and German people and dole them out to other countries. And we're going to get him back. To if you listen to Pat Buchanan, there, it becomes very clear and all of what he said, you can look up. You don't take his word for it. It becomes very clear that you really can't study one war without the other. You really can't look at World War One without looking at World War Two and vice versa. And somebody that found that out the hard way was the president of false Emmanuel may call who waded into some controversy a couple of days ago because he praised a general who helped win World War One that general is Philippe pertain. So during World War One pertain led the French army. To victory at the nine month long battle of Verdun. And then he was appointed commander in chief and succeeded basically in repairing the the whole confidence of the French army he remained in command throughout the war and emerged as a national hero. He was the head of the after the war ended World War One. He was the head of the peace time French army. He commanded joint Franco Spanish operations during the riff war and was a leading minister in the government. So a real heroes women. There's a memorial to him in front of our building. Because he was once honoured with a ticker tape parade. So then World War Two happens and pertain becomes a Nazi collaborator. And he is despised essentially for his complicity in the holocaust. So may say he took what I thought was a very mature position. He said, quote, I pardon nothing. But I race nothing of our history. He go-. He goes on to say, obviously, he said it in French marshal Petain was also a great soldier during World War One. Even though he made fatal choices during the second World War. Very true. So these remarks that he made on Wednesday struck a really struck a chord in France. And so a lot of people criticized him, not just I that's all he said that's only set. Now, they ended up not honoring him yesterday at the ceremony in France. Because of all the controversy that his remarks on Wednesday called that Macron's remarks on Wednesday called caused. One person said Francis Francis leading Jewish organization issued searing criticism ever Macron's stance in their president said I am shocked by the statement by Macron pertain was the person who allowed the deportation of seventy six thousand French Jews to death camps. He goes on to say, it was an insult that a French president could honor pertain on the same level as the other generals. So even even this president of this French Jewish group, though acknowledged the marshalls pivotal role in winning World War One. Which earned pertain, the nickname, the lion of noon. So now Duff hike in for instance, and mayor de Blasio at one time have said they wanted to rip up the memorial that's in front of our building. Now. Because of what this guy did during World War Two. It remains. It's still there as all the ticker tape parade recipients are and I'm curious.

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