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Now the world health organization says that so does every other major association i think the national cancer institute dow is usda i think is also now reduced a recommendation on on broad in because of that so red meat particularly is now recognized by almost every major association specializing cancer to be respecter or certainly something that you wanna avoid in monday's you know as you know we had multiple papers we and harvard school bobby published a series of papers all of them in greenman with these idea particularly for red meat budgets also for pro highprotein so after our paper we bob one with adua nutrient harvard and also confirming the plant based diet was protective compared to a variety of diets that included highprotein from from animal sources and what is the active component in meat or red meat that's causing these problems is that the high density of protein is at the hormonal breakdown in it like what can that be drilled down to nobody knows for sure i mean there's a lot of speculations of some of having to do with him content and i've heard different stories and different i pol disease it could be are the fed steroid hormones are they fed antibiotics who knows right what what is in that meat and so probably the combination of high proteins but also older molecules that make it into the meat out there are probably contributing to to make it very clear particularly the red meat seems to be that your mental but in our paper we showed that all the animal high protein diet from from all animals sources were detrimental.

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