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Feel like he was a accomplished wrestler. Well i could tell you what i saw. This is unbelievable. We were in bulgaria and You know john funded. The olympic team of bulgaria. He actually brought over their very best wrestler to train us. His name was bound team. Jordan and so he was funding the bulgarian olympic team for the olympics. That was coming up in nineteen ninety six. This was nineteen ninety-five we had tournament over there. And you know the in bulgaria. The you know the the reno was probably fifteen. Thousand seats was act and You know we all rested in a tournament and John dupont at the end. He had a match a special match. And our coaches went over to the bulgarian wrestler. That he was going to wrestle he was a former olympian us retired and they told him. Hey can you do the job for john. We'll pay a few thousand dollars. And he agreed to it and john went out there and this is after the tournament was over and the crowd new that john was funding the bulgarian olympic team. So they were behind john. They were cheering him on so they were there cheering for john over their own hometown. Bulgarian and the thing is john was so horrible that he would pull the restaurant top of them and follow his back. Give up points and the bulgarians trying to give points themselves so the ballgame would flip over to his back and john would wrong top them then. John would flip onto his back in the ball. Gehring would wrong top them. It wasn't wrestling like two little kids playing wrong around the yard. It was just it was. It was hilarious and the thing is the bulgaria was trying to get john. The and john just kept giving up. Points john kevin who was behind on points and thank god at the end the match bill. Bulgarian gave up three points in john. One thirteen to twelve and the guy worked harder. Losing any did a winning and You know john. The the bulgarians picked them up in the air sir carried him around the arena and the fans went nuts and it was like holy shit. I can't believe i just witnessed the wrestling match. So the thing is you know john dupont. Wanted to be like days. He wanted to wrestle. Like dave you wanted to act and talk like dave. He even with teach us technique like day. Obviously he wasn't very good at it. He didn't know what he was talking about. He show us something we were looking at. Dave like just like just let him let him go. Let them do this. So you know dave was trying to keep john happy and you know john was just one to do everything that they did and john was infatuated with shorts and i think that was the issue a why john ended up killing it. Do you think We'll talk about that later. Let let's talk about when you first meet dave. I want to clarify. I think you met him at camp over the summer and northwestern university and somewhere in there is when he starts inviting you to team fox catcher. Or how do you first start coming to the facility okay. I met him at the camp. In northwestern and then i was started getting invited to olympic training camps on colorado springs and they would show up there and we would train together. Dave told me that John dupont start arrests and club and he was going to be coaching there. And i thought. Wow this is great opportunity. I said Do you think that they'd be interested in me. You said if you win the nc double a.'s. this year. I'm sure they will and i did. I won the nc the ways that year. And dave and. John invited me to the farm oscar farms and i Sat in a meeting John's trophy room. He had a trophy room with photos of him. Riding horses and competing and taffla and He did some barons and stuff and he had some of the wrestlers up on the wall who won world championships like david. Mark and There was a bare spot on the wall. And john said that bear spot is going to be you hurt. You're going to be a world champion. If you join my club. And i bought into it. I bought it. Because i wanted to train with dave and i knew i was going to be a part of the best facility in the world. It was the most innovative facility that was ever built back then. And so a all the benefit benefiting only me there was no reason why should join and At the time. I was in college so i couldn't get paid by team fox catcher until i graduated college but they were funding my trips to go on international trips and To to go to tournaments. So johnny would take care of that stuff So that's how it all started. And that's how. I got invited onto the farm to join team blocks catcher and i think you know even as you're training for the olympics you know often on all told you're there on the farm for like what the better part of six years. Yeah i was there on and off. I didn't stay there fulltime. Because i didn't have to. I was in college at the time When i started in the club know clearing was a great situation. I would go up to edinburgh university which is only an hour and a half away. That's where brew respond garter coach and train. He was an olympic gold. Melissa heavyweight university of pit had some gray wrestlers. I would train there. So i didn't have to go to foxcatcher. Didn't have to live there. And a whole because i was from pennsylvania. It was a four hour trip. I could go whenever i wanted. And i usually went once a month for a week and then i would spend the whole summer there But i spent quite a bit at fox catcher and i'd use the techniques. I learned their bring them back to clarion or edinburgh or pit and work on those techniques with the other wrestlers you You wrote in your book that you never saw anything to make you believe that. John dupont was mentally unstable but it was obvious to that. He had substance problems and he wasn't good with personal relationships. Can you expand on that. Well i you know john. He was very different john was he. He liked to be the center of attention and he was the first year. foster catcher. dave join a became the center. He became the face in the name of the club and he was. The coach of the club and john was jealous. John was definitely jealous. He was infatuated with dave. He wanted to be dave schultz. And do i think. John had mental illness looking back now. Yes at back then. We didn't know what mental illness was. It wasn't barely discussed so we didn't know how to treat or what to do you know. And they're john dupont. Attorneys tried to turn around and say we were taking advantage of them right. Taking advantage of antibody. John knew what he was doing as far as running club. We didn't rob any money. You tell us what we were getting paid what we had to do where we had to go. It was it was just a you know. John was coherent enough to run a club. But you know at the same time. Now he had some issues definitely had a A level of mental illness and he took a lot of drugs a lot of drugs and all of those things could be contributing factors.

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