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Last week NYU's medical school announced it was offering free tuition all of its students plans to do so in the, future as well turns out, they're not the only school to have done that and it's an attempt to address a shortage of, doctors NYU said loan debt is Keeping, doctors from. Going into lower paying jobs like family medicine and at high costs are keeping people from applying to medical school in the first, place so they're now. Paying for all student tuition Rutgers medical student Andrew Abdumalik says debt does have an, impact I think for me that I'm passionate enough to want to take the kind of pay cut, that they take which is why I think NYU is doing what they're doing university of Houston medical school dean Dr Steven span says they got an anonymous three million dollar gift to pay for their students tuition for the next four years we're forty seven out, of fifty states in the ratio. Primary care physicians to population so we are, short significantly short he hopes free schooling encourages students to go into family care Jessica Rosenthal Fox News online registration for, the annual capital hunting stores will open on Monday, the New York state office of general services starting the popular tours on. Monday September seventeenth that's two weeks earlier than in past years, tour guides will tell stories about the night watchman who. Died in the capital fire In nineteen eleven some believe, he's still makes the rounds today guides also tell tales of two presidents they save visited the capital after they died the tours are free but pre. Registration is required go to Empire State plaza, dot org to, sign up reports, say Ben Affleck and Jennifer. Gardner have settled their divorce Jenin Bennett reportedly agreed on a property settlement in the earnings over their twelve year, marriage apparently were part of the settlement is well they'll share. Joint custody of, their three, kids, but the settlement doesn't, define how much time each parent will receive the final settlement of the divorce case will take place as. Soon as Ben is out of rehab WGN news time is nine thirty five and. W. g. Weiss sports the raise. Over the Red Sox five one the doubleheader sweep over the. Orioles ten. Three and five one the met shut out the nationals three nothing in New York and the US open starts Monday New York City over seven hundred thousand, tennis fans. Are expected to attend the two-week tournament at the.

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