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So and This happens to be more entertaining than my day job. So the some of the responses yet do like legitimately make me laugh aloud and then even just like some of the back enforce that I've had with the Phoenix Suns main accounts I definitely didn't expect. Really any of this growth when I started for Maya. Own Person Own personal enjoyment but. The positive feedback I. had been getting just as it was growing organically was why I Have, continue to Do, earn like running account. I'm going to continue to question that definitely did. I will say you are closing in on surpassing Aron Baynes himself followers air game gives it. We're we're getting close but we have some work to do on that. Yeah. Airman's has sixty nine thousand. Nice. What a nice number and You're approaching fifty, five K. so you'll get there one day I know that for sure maybe within the next year who knows? It also I will say Boston needs to back like I want him back in Boston so badly, and actually I forgot something the. The best night was easily March six games when he just exploded for. Thirty seven point sixteen boards and was like the talk of. Basketball twitter at. Yeah. That was I thought my phone was going to explode all. Man Okay. So yeah. All right. I do actually have one last question that how to handle all the twitter notifications. That's one thing I've always wanted to ask people. Because I mean I'm not trying to flex my I. Guess my I started up where like last year whatever I had like this one tweet that I I did during the The MJ, doc that got like a thousand likes in like a day or whatever, and for me like that was already overwhelming. Just not my twitter and you get like I mean you've gotten like eighty or ninety thousand. Likes on something before. How do you even handle that on your phone? Does your phone is like shut off as he can't handle it or like what happens hat my kind of old. So already like doesn't run great but you can. I think just mute my notifications in.

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