Michael Barr, New York, Kathy Hochul discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak


It's now 5 O 7 on Wall Street where it's 67° in Central Park. So got construction on the southbound van wyck from hillside to Atlantic avenue details coming up in traffic first, Michael Barr, with more on what's going on in New York and around the world. Good morning, Michael. Good morning, Nathan. 7 states, including New York, are set to host primary elections today. The first election since last week's Supreme Court ruling eliminating the constitutional right to an abortion. The slate of nominating contest could offer the first clues as to whether the political landscape has shifted. For the Democrats, New York governor Kathy hochul faces Tom swazi and jumani Williams for the gubernatorial nomination. Rob astorino Andrew Giuliani, Harry Wilson and Lee zeldin are running for the GOP nomination for governor. A judge has blocked New York City from letting non citizens vote for mayor and other municipal offices. Republicans challenge the measure as unconstitutional and a Staten Island judge agreed with the GOP in the ruling. The law supporters said it gave an electoral voice to many people who have made a home in the city and pay taxes but face tough paths to citizenship. It is the latest tragedy to claim the lives of migrants smuggled across the border from Mexico to the U.S. 46 people are dead after being abandoned and attracted trailer on a remote back road in San Antonio. 16 people were hospitalized, including four children. San Antonio police chief Bill McManus. A worker who heard a cry for help. Came out to investigate, found a trailer with the doors, partially opened.

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