Those warm is that we have here all year


As we hit the six inning here today and the error but it is a gorgeous Saturday afternoon or six many brought to you by train it's hard to stop the train it is eighty nine degrees if the seven mile an hour breeze blowing out to right field a cloudless sky here in the East Bay those warm is that we have here all year much much warmer than any other other ranger games of the play here this year Kinsler Franklin can too and the first pitch fastball little from geo Gonzalez's eighty second pitch they're calling out past ninety pitches through five innings the other ball of the change hello again two Notre E. and one for two singled and stole second back in third swings and hits a drive into the gap left center field Carter is over you can't get it advances up against the wall and Kinsler will jog into second base he has a lead off double to begin the Rangers six spending in this one one game he and taking advantage of the count leverage the art to it he was sitting on a fastball and he got it with the behind in the count nobody was last night in with a double ended is for eleven in the fourth inning two for three today only four hits total in his previous five games so go ahead runners scoring position nobody out top of the sixth and here's Frank gore see if he has another clutch at bat in him over to today's slide right grounded to second good

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