A Custom Phrase to Remember the Wi-Fi Password

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Last week I was talking about routines and I was getting some suggestions of how you can create routines what you can use them for. And I really wanted to hear from you from the committee, but how you're using routines by the way if you want the tutorial and how to set up for teens, just go to al x eight candidate dot ca slash routines, so here's the one I want to tell you about very very cool. I got a tweet from an I'm sorry I'm going to pronounce your name wrong into the best I can I got a tweet from Corinthian van Hamel. and. He said that he uses his routine to remember his WIFI password. This is brilliant because he'll read a read the tweet that he wrote him, he said Lexi. What's the WIFI PASSWORD? If you separate each character with a comma and have repeat it again to conclude then your house. Guests will never have to wonder what the Wifi Password is what he's doing is he's using the custom phrase. Command in the routine. This is what it was talking about last week. If you heard the flash briefing, so what he's done is he's set up flash briefing specifically to remember his Wifi. Password and he set up the trigger for that routine to be that question. What's the WIFI PASSWORD? And then we asked that question he's set it up. The LEXI will give him a customer sponsor of his Wifi. Password and this is brilliant, because this didn't require any skill to be setup it didn't. Didn't require him to ask. Lexi for a reminder is just simply using the function to get the response and essentially as acting like a first party skill, because you don't have to open, any skill is just a first party. Sorry Command, because you just ask a question and Lexi gives it to you, so that's really really cool. I love that and boy that that's a lot of food for thought for me because I can think of so many other ways that we can use

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