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Cases of covid nineteen are turning down. The threat of the coronavirus continues to loom over the city. I'm Rod Chang and this is your daily charge. With me as chairman and CEO of the MTA PAT Foy at thanks for joining me x-ray Ranch, Nasr meals, but more than a week since the city reopened phase one. What has ridership been like? Ridership has actually been a pleasant surprise. We knew we would get an increase comparing yesterday Monday of the fifteenth two two weeks ago before we increased service and the governor listed. Announced a phase, one ridership on subways and buses has gone up a total of three hundred eighty thousand customers. That's about two hundred, seven, thousand on subways, one, hundred, seventy, five, thousand, more or less on buses, three hundred eighty thousand people per day is the size of a pretty. medium-sized, transits. So we're we're pleased by that. We expect ridership to continue to grow obviously the summer months, and this is going to be unusual summer for new. York City and and the suburbs. And what ridership will do this summer is is unknown, but we expect continue to build and especially after after Labor Day assuming that you know New York City are phase. Two of the governors are newer Polish. So you mentioned those numbers. Nearly nine hundred thousand daily riders. That is you know off the highs of the pre coronavirus air where we're talking about millions rights so. Curious. There are still a lot of people out there concerned that they might get infected that there might be a second wave. For folks out there. Who still hesitant like what do you tell people to reassure them that? The Newark Transit System is safe to travel in. Here's what I on a couple of things one is i. tell him that I got on the seven eleven I. Think it was out of Port Washington this morning. There was plenty plenty of seats the car smelled and little clean and every customer as far as I can tell and every employee winning the at a bass, the same was true when I go to Penn Station and got on the two or three, and then connected with the one at chambers. Appear to me, every customer was wearing a mask mass for really important. The Governor is made wearing masks on public transit a state law. Employees and customers required to wear backs. We did a physical study about ten days ago, which indicated that subway riders ninety two percent ask appliance. We're updating that study this week. In the latest data, point is ninety five percent that's incredibly or the latest research from around the world, including a report a couple of days ago from Cambridge in ranch universities in the UK. Indicates. That masks are really important. The subways mass transit does not appear to have two vectors and creating the and Derek. In any part of the world. We believe that's true also in New, York nursing homes. Obviously meat packing plants and people's homes have been significant tributaries. Obviously, the public health doctors empty epidemiologist will figure that out to your point about mass, and how important they are curious how you are encouraging riders to continue where I, just I ask because I've gone out of the last couple of weekends, at noticed of among my soaks here in Long Island where I live fewer and fewer people are wearing masks granted. They're not riding. The subway were riding a train, but how do you? Encourage. There's no way to enforce it. But how do you encourage writers to continue to wear masks and to be more vigilant when it comes to social distancing question? Plan, so we've been distributing mask in the subway. Stations are starting last the last Monday June eighth when phase one started. We're continuing that we've got a robust messaging and communications campaign on subway cars on subway platforms on the website will be doing was starting a digital campaign on that, so the the mass message has been robustly communicated. We're GONNA continue to do that. We've got employees. Employees Platform controllers wear finders way finders were also suggesting to customers who don't have a mask. Go upstairs and get one. You need to be wearing it again on transit law Allah railroad and the subways by anecdotal experience, everybody's wearing them and the minded five percent data point on subway mask. Compliance I think is really important in addition to that since the pandemic started right the. The first case was reported in New York March. First or second, we started disinfecting our subway stations subway cars buses metro north railroad that continues talk in a second about a couple of innovations that we're really excited about, but every station is being disinfected, not cleaned disinfected twice a day. Subway cars multiple times a day. Bosses won't Allen Railroad. metro-north cars saint same thing we are. are running a pilot right now on New York City Transit, subway, cars and buses, involving ultraviolet C light We did pilot prior to that with Dr David, Brenner at the earning, medical, center Columbia, University and Dr Bernard confirmed for the first time that ultraviolet C. Wider Radic fates, the coded the COVID nineteen virus. That's really important finding We are working with antimicrobials on and. Applaud Anti microbials. All of our subway cars, two and a half three times at this point. For verification from independent labs and the regulators, but it appears to be the case that there's a great deal of promise with respect to the ability of the Anti. Eradicate the COVID, seen virus and to do that for day weeks, and perhaps months and the UV light in particular. I really wanted because I find that fascinating. In terms of what you've found. It seems like there's some progress there. How how a widely is that being deployed because you sent that sort of a trial? Is that something that's being deployed into every car right now is limited tested to running. It's a pilot. We ran a demonstration of two or three weeks ago and the company that we're working with them. There are many vendors out there you and your viewers, undoubtedly no, then all tra- violet light is an established technology that's used in hospital settings, emergency rooms, operating rooms for for decades right, so the a virus and bacteria radicalization qualities of ultraviolet C light it well not we're running a pilot with the three stanchions. Temporary stanchions put an age subway car. There are two devices per stanchion. I'd say the size of a hardcover book. The operator has to confirm that there's nobody on the on the train neither employee or a customer. The ultraviolet light is is activated. Anne will disinfect disinfect car We're doing the same pilot on on buses, and we are really encouraged by the progress and really encouraged by Dr Printers finding. Up to and to your point about. Distance. There is a at that you guys introduced today. The capacity tracker APP for the L. A. Double are clearly selfish reasons. I'm interested because I'm a daily eligible are writer. Tell me a little about that how it works. It's a really cool innovation brought by fillings, the president along our era will fisher. WHO's is? A innovation officer and just the Long Island Railroad Sports. It uses sensors on the ninety percent of course seek. That is electric. And it will help customers it so long island railroad train by by the way. Apple store or glue for a free, you can download it and. I go to the APP couple times a day and now going more, but he gives customers data that if you're getting on the four fifty

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