Case #56 Spontaneous Human Combustion

Far Side Chats


The catch this wonderful content. Only we had been recording before right. Squalor Tapei while it may his a our hated myself. It was fun. It was something wasn't it? Golly Gee will occurs I almost said Say It's always like will occurs. That's crazy I know what the heck it's just like mental telepathy now. Roberta's I go with. That sounds right telepathy in the other one mixed up. Oh the other one. You know the one that you can move things with your mind. What is that? Oh my gosh. This is why we sit in front of our computers. I know I'm googling Alex yes or psycho consensus. Yeah I get those confused too. Yeah all the time and I feel like I shouldn't because the words are actually pretty different. But they're super different. They're not the same at all. Yeah one stupid long and the other one is not. Yeah one has opinion. One doesn't exactly. I mean they do both start with Tele. Yeah there's that maybe they won't remember now because of that. Maybe most likely not probably not. It's not the end of the confusion and not continue. Join US.

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