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Best Of: Stan Van Gundy On MLB & NBA - burst 18


Start here with what's going on with the players and the owners and that negotiation stand and thank you for making the time for us. What from afar. Have you made of the idea that now the governor of Illinois and a whole bunch of other people are saying that baseball players need to make sacrifices when it comes to the amount of money they get for risking playing in the coming future? Yeah I'm on just always amazed when Organizations have a impact between millionaire players in billionaire owners. That fans seem to always be on the side of the owners. I mean that. That's just really has always amazed me so it's just more of interest to me that the players will be characterized as greedy but the billionaire owners. Who can survive losses better than anyone? Don't dip the same animosity from fans I mean. I don't know where all come from. It's just funny doesn't start with the owner's interest aligned with the fans interest so the fan can claim the players selfish while not noticing that the fan him or herself is being selfish by just wanting their games back well but I can understand wanting to game back but I don't understand why the left doesn't go to the owners and just say hey it's the players we wanna see. Pay Pay Them. We did what we don't care about you guys pay of. But they don't they they turn on the players as if the players of greedy and I just I don't know what's right or wrong maybe it's somewhere in the middle but it's just interesting to me every time. I've seen this whether it's been the NBA lockout or baseball wassels. Windfall went through it. It's it's always the players are greedy and and it's never turned on these billionaire. You know the business have all this money that Syria with them. I I just I don't get it. I don't see how the average fans interest is more allying with ownership than it is with the work stand in this particular case the fan. I don't view it as much as citing. They do fans. Don't really care they just WANNA see. Baseball wants feel good in their lives and the baseball players control whether or not they're going to play of owners. Have you know have a position in that but the fans really don't care it's not siding with ownership it signing with. Hey figure it out get out there and play because I am home. I am miserable. And then there's a lot of Fan Standard would say. Hey I'd play any sport right now for any amount of money because I sit home and what. I still don't understand why that falls on the players. You can say the players you started off by saying the players control whether they play or not. You can look at if you had the owners control. Give the what they want. And the players apply. The responsibility is on the owners. I mean the players will play from what I understand. Anyway the players will play to what they already agreed with which the same amount of money they signed for pro rated to an eighty two game season. They'll play for half their money but now the owners saying wait a minute. Forty percent of our Revenue Comes from fans in the park. So we WANNA pay even less and what we WANNA do is essentially a salary cap which we've never had in baseball where we're going to split the revenue. Basically fifty fifty. Why aren't you just saying? Hey owners dip the players what they want. We want our games back. Why do they target the players? I don't I

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