AWTR Show #742: VirtForce


She founded something called Avert Force a company that strives to reduce unemployment amongst military spouses and veterans I love that there's such a need for resources like brickwork so excited for this interview and to serve if listeners. Annika hosting with you always a delight. What's the latest on the Home Front? Frio you had? I'm in between jobs right now. Thanks Kobe so I've just been doing some personal writing projects for myself. Since I graduated with my social work degree I'm just getting antsy about using my degree and I. Don't use I don't want to lose my knowledge that I've acquired. Writing a super small blog, basically more of a journal just pour out my millstone feelings. I also do started doing some fun workbook from cellphone. My husband that'll help us with. Future deployments. Exciting I love having a creative outlet. I've been trying to find something new for me away. Kind Senate until are like actual creasing, but right now that I'm hi favorable. Hey, for that. Though I love that you found an outlet and you are each year. Pick up something out. What's going on with you while I started job of weeks ago, which is super exciting if, Ben like a weird transition prophet, because some people people are teleworking, and so the workload is like very random for right now, but I'm super grateful to have a job and testing experiencing have more like routine back in my life which I've been grieving and missing so so much. Definitely, I need a schedule. I feel like without a schedule I. Get nothing done. Since I've been like forcing myself to do these little writing projects like it helps me get out of bed and get off the couch. Stop being so lazy. Yes, I totally feel that. How are the puppy? They are great They are six months old now. My consolely. Those are their names their little months and they're crazy. I am still working on training. Then a journey for, but they've come a long way. They are really good being obedient, most most of the time, not all the time. People. Now are just getting ready for coming fourth of July celebrations and Yeah I. Do Fight Lake, I get the days or slow, but I time with like flying by in a weird way I feel it's like the best of both worlds if flow but. While catching up with you, let jumbled to our. Listeners it's time for one of our favorite moments of our show are impairment minutes after that will hear this week's top stories and the need to know news from our incredible. Correspondent Jillian mcnutt. I. Recently received a message from a friend. I hadn't been in touch with an while. The message present company by a funny name, and the little story to go behind it, and the very bottom, it says. Be the. Reason someone smile today Army Wife Network I hope we are that reason you're smiling today and a little bit of source of encouragement but I also encourage you to pass that on these times are difficult, enough and helping one another get through these days. Even just one smile at a time can do wonders. Maybe you can write a note on someone's car at the grocery store or send a gift card via text or email. Maybe it's just sexing thinking of them missing them sharing a funny memory or something simple like posting a picture of your family or something funny that your child or pet is doing. Whatever and whoever comes to mind as you're listening to this I encourage you to reach out to them and make someone smile today. This is Marian Cheney army wife network special projects. Coordinator and.

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