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Hello and welcome my favorite murder. The mini sowed where we read your stuff. That, you've written US congratulations. You wrote it, but. I think. We got doing our work for us. You did the work now. Elite get the rewards. We literally couldn't do it without you re. Literally. Thank you so much. Do. You want me to go first. Ok also we're recording this. The week before its airing, anything's possible in our culture in our world right now, but we hope you're safe and strong and fighting the good fight. That's right and in the meantime. Let me tell you about when Clare's great grandfather stayed sexy and was subsequently murdered because Sir. I went ahead and labeled this as geographically accurate as possible. In case you do DC hometowns while I was home in the suburbs of DC for Thanksgiving I was finally able to get the story of how my mom's grandfather was murdered for year she was she never spoke about it and would always change the subject when I asked after a few glasses of wine and light prying finally got the story that I simply had to share it with you all. My grandfather was the youngest of nine children and his father. My grandfather John was a butcher. My family jokes that my great grandmother married him to make sure she always had enough food for. My grandma, do. Hell yes, a great grandfather! John worked in Virginia a butcher during the Great Depression a time. Where as you can imagine no one could afford to buy meat. It is important to note that this was pre civil rights era and Virginia was deeply segregated. This meant the people of color could only purchase meat from butchers through this side or back doors, and could not go through the front door. Fuck that Shit am I right? My great grandfather John. Thought the rules were stupid, wanted anyone who could afford meat to feel welcome in his store. Apparently one day John was seen by some local clansmen. Quote Unquote leading people of Color. Come through the front door to buy meat from him that night. The local chapter of the KKK murdered my great-grandfather outside his store while he was locking. Locking up in a weird way, I'm extremely proud that he was murdered for being ahead of his time by not being racist piece of Shit, so while he was indeed murdered I, would also argue that he stayed sexy by not being a discriminating asshole oh, and don't worry about my grandfather and his eight siblings migrate. Grandmother married another butcher after John's murder. Love. You guys can't wait to see all in DC Clare Wow. I mean you sacrifice July for the greater good and this, and and not being a piece of shit like what more? You wish for its. You Know Milan more makes you. It makes you think that maybe we should all donate. Fifty Bucks to black lives matter if we can. That's not or any of the screwed ideas associated jail, fund or bail funds. Out there. There's lots of things you can find on social media to be an active participant in helping this movement and people that are that are on the frontline. A great place to do it okay lot lot of great ones so I thought we'd get real darken, deep and sad and do someone wrote in the hometown murder of Matthew Shepard. Wow, which somehow we've never done it important story, so let's get I'm from the good state of Wyoming and for those who don't know because I get the question a lot. Wyoming is located in the Midwest United States above Colorado. Thank you a total. The total population for the state is fifty thousand, which is fucking crazy. It's tiny and overall laid state. My story is about the murder of Matthew Shepard Matthew Shepard was in Casper. Wyoming in nineteen, seventy six, he was strongly present in the theater community, attending the American. School in Switzerland Cata Wabash College Casper College and became the first your first year, political science major at the University of Wyoming in Laramie Wyoming minor in languages and nineteen ninety-five Shepard, was beaten and raped during a high school trip to Morocco, according to his mom, this caused him to suffer from extreme depression and anxiety ultimately believed to be the reason that he returned. To go to school back home. Not long after his return home on the night of October six, one, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty, eight, and fuck it. I was eighteen I. Remember this fucking. Clearly. Athey was approached by Aaron mckinney and Russell Henderson at the fireside lodge in Laramie. All three of them were in their early twenties. mckinney and Henderson offered to give matthew a ride home. They drove to a remote area in Laramie where they robbed pistol, whipped and tortured matthew and tied him. Him To offense and left him to Die Matthew was found eighteen hours later in a coma by a biker, and died six days later at the age of twenty one and Kenya November, one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, eight pretrial hearing, mckinney, had stated in an interview on October ninth that he and Henderson had identified shepherd as a robbery target, and pretended to be gay to lure him not to their truck, and that mckinney attack shepherd after shepherd put his hand on mckinney's knee. Aaron mckinney and Russell Henderson were charged with first degree murder, following shepherd's death. Both mckinney and Henderson were convicted of the murder. Each received two consecutive life sentences, Matthews murder brought national and international attention to hate crime legislation at the state and federal levels in October, two thousand and nine, the United States Congress paths the Matthew, Shepard and James. Burge junior hate crimes prevention act commonly known as the Matthew Shepard, act and Oct twenty eighth, two thousand nine President Barack Obama. Be Established signed and established the Matthew Shepard Foundation Shepard's death inspired films, novels plays and songs, most commonly American triangle by Elton John and the Laramie project which I performed when I was in high school as my theater teacher was best friends with Matthew. The play is all one hundred interviews compiled together by a Moist Kaufman all of those around the area of those who, around the area during the time who knew Matthew, the protesters, both good and bad officers on the scene, and even some transcripts from trial, his dad described him as an optimistic and accepting young man who had a special gift of relating to almost everyone he was the type of person who was very approachable and always looked to new challenges. Matthew had a great passion for equality and always stood up. Up for the acceptance of people's differences, I know the story is heavy, but with pride month and current events of.

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