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Give us a tough place. Steve Button scones always mixed dough for scones with a knife. Cutting through the door as you. Mix Don't handle mixture much on yourself. Lighthouse scorned one hundred four bottles street. Glasgow Yep I'll buy that for pint. Scones need an incredibly light touch when you're baking them so you don't need to slow the rise. Yikes nice loose texture like when we go if he should feel like. This is not dough this is just just crumb and then the old same on them. So the idea of using the night cut through the butter is a is a good one. Oh I would suggest that an uber type is something like you know. Chilling you butter and then greeting it. So he can loss Lopez. It can be incorporated into actually tips to guess too. Am I gonNA gain peace when making pastry others zipped been full of Santa Elena to each one kind of flow result? A lovely shot cost a new sticking to or ruling been Mississippi Ross Eighty Booth Gardens Breaks Glasgow guys. I think this is play all geared of Sam Lena. It's disgusting and a member a skilled in our slot onto a plastic chair or it makes me sick and race Pittman. We're talking dry SEMOLINA. Yeah I know but even the thought of one. It's my St- disgusting I have to. I'm with you on that. Kony for the desert. There's there's something unpleasant upright glue p Gillette Instincts. Flavourless has bought the idea of using SEMOLINA. The dry stuff as as as a as to meet the the mixture drier and stop sticking brilliant. Were making 'em pizza dough which we do quite often and we'll put either will use a dual soy flour. This goes from Lena. Finally died in the works often ruling. I because that we you get a really nice crisp crust and stops the second to the work surface so I. I really fed again again and again pastry when making pastry. Instead of using the usual wooden rolling pin fell a glass bottle was cold water. You'll improve the texture. Mrs Elizabeth Elton. Eight to two MINCY cumbernauld. Mike Law School again. Guys do that. Well I I'm convinced without one because this is America solution looking for problems is of worked backwards from the science. If you like because you you should be cold. That's why we must while it. Pastry chefs use marble countertops and stuff. So really the coal to the buttressed melting. So you've got the lovely texture but I don't think the to make that much. I mean the OPEC filled up with hot water and use that identity theft. It is true okay and I understand that but I wouldn't necessarily actively do I wouldn't think while Chai that with a might tied assembly. Nothing you know. I mean anything at yes quite often. I'm actually pretty good at banking. Make Banana often banana testing. Oh Yeah Paulie okay at me again. Banana cream a sliced banana to the white. Even egg and beat until Steph. The banana disappears unusual a delicious substitute for whipped cream Seven lung on state Scott's gloss go ahead and banana now honestly signs disgust banana. Yeah no unknown. No by not. I mean I've quietly try in fairness issue to suit as like. I suspect that would be G- awful. No no thank you. I think we've discussed this before. A COP tells episode and it just makes me unwell Har- but there is a really good recipe. Lot of especially parents will know for banana ice cream. Which is just freeze been on. His chopped up and then put them in a blender food processor. Anything type thing. I JUST THAT MAKES ICE CREAM. Really really nice and it is good. I've never tried to Huge on of banana things to be honest flavor for sweet flavor are. What's my favorite pit? No if it's a flavored thing what's the best to some form of forest so your answer is all the fruits Titan yet. No end it saw. I would have to say okay lest bought a blueberry Strawberry Cherry Raspberry Fi Solace Kiwi passion who faisal otherwise known as syphilis. I would say I have to say we. Just listen my. You probably definitely seen them. They're they're pretty little things and the tomatoes into fruits and without very dramatic can keep around qualitative. Things you get them along cheesecakes. Yeah but it's a really nice tart flavor. Did you call me? I was asking you? What your favorite flavor was talks news and I answer to this Kony. Your favorite flavor raspy Raspberry Steve. Vanilla Vanilla boarding. Can I tell you story of Vanilla? No my mother-in-law has left up to me so roughly stuff two years now. When was that because she saw hotel? You edit no as because of familial we wouldn a restaurant once Elias. The waitress hopefully by screen to you. Hav and she said clean an I asked what flavor is the plane ice cream now. My mother-in-law thinks this is the most ridiculous thing anybody who said. I think that's good question. I was reasonable question when I was a kid. There was ice cream place near where we live and I used to love their original d-r-y mich made no flavoring 'cause the also vanilla which was flavored with Vanilla. And I like it was just just screaming gorgeous and good so I think that's not necessarily a ridiculous.

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