1997 NBA Finals RewatchaBulls With Ryen Russillo


Rewatch ables. We're doing the entire ninety seven. Nba Finals concentrate in the last two games. But this is such a fascinating document in so many different ways. This is. Jordan has become unassailable. Great at this point he's a superhero. Were all assuming he's going to be He's GonNa come through every step of the way. No matter what obstacle Utah Team. That had been around for a long time. We didn't really have a feel for them. Not Enjoyable to watch. We're about to cover bulls go sixty nine and thirteen. This is the culmination of just a brutal twenty months that we talked about on your podcast. And we did the wizards pod were they had hit this. This point of their basically the Beatles at this point this travelling circus. They're covered differently than any sports team ever. All that stuff jazz go sixty four. Eighteen eleven three in the playoffs. They beat the Lakers. The clippers and famously the rockets stockton hits the three The Lakers series. That was the Kobe ball series kind of lost in the shuffle where Shack first-year Eddie Jones Nick Van Exel. Pretty even series. I I remember in the moment thinking. Oh the Lakers beat Utah. You always loses. Utah's done and wasn't the case. It was MVP. Carl Malone still being an MVP so any we get to the finals and the subplot emerges the real MVP versus the guy who won the MVP but then this whole other thing about no Karl Malone was actually offered this year twenty seven and ten incredible defensive player such a good passer the double team. The whole offense is built around him. You know he's a deserving. Mvp where did you stay in in nineteen ninety seven on this question heading into the finals? Do you remember your do. This was none of us like watching. Utah back then okay. No-one did and even though there was never series of ours necessarily rooting for Jordan. I was I wasn't rooting for the Utah Jazz it just it was the NBA finals. It was on an there wasn't anyone. I was emotionally connected to about the entire time now because I was a huge Barkley guy and I know I'm biased. I've always thought Barkley was better than Malone and I think these this series is does not this. This is a bad series or Karl Malone fans by the way it's awful You had the number one guy in the history of the League setting you up on every single possession your entire career and malone was a really good shooter for big. He was incredible as a rebounder. He's pretty good as a passer as a closer on the wing was putting the knee up like pretty. Yeah Yeah and dude. He played every game. He played every game and he was actually a real tough guy. Like when he and Robin getting into it. There's part of me like want him to fight. Rodman for real because he would've twisted Rodman up. I mean he just he just would've but whenever I see some of those dollar memes about five four three build your Dream Team. Carl Malone's always unlike the four dollar line when he's on it and Barclays always on the three dollar line and when I think of peak bark versus people alone I know who I'm taking I'm taking Barclay. I wouldn't even argue it. But the the composite the full stat picture of WHO Carl Malone is is incredible so the fact that they're in this finals they have this incredible record. They're awesome at home. They have this amazing homecourt atmosphere. That's like ruthless. Which is part of the Rodman story when he says something about Mormons and gets fined. And then there's a weird Jim Gray interview where he starts crying before game six it. He was out to lunch. The sears right. He's he's so bad in the closing game I respected what Stockton and Malone did but it might have been the first time I was realizing something that you and I have just started talking about more and more the separation between playoff basketball regular season basketball. That if you'RE GONNA run this pick and roll with these two hall of famers you're GonNa win a bunch of games but when I look at Utah in the series there's like three or four guys who Utah they wouldn't even play in today's NBA. They're playing minutes in the NBA finals. So you have the two thousand seventeen finals. Golden State averages one twenty one point six a game ninety one shots a game in the finals games. The cavs were one fourteen point. Eight nine point two goes again this ninety seven finals and it gets worse. The next year the Bulls for the series eighty seven. Point eight points. Jazz were eighty seven. Point two seventy four point eight field goals for the bowl. Seventy one point two for the jess say that the differences. What how many shots? The difference is basically thirty five shots again towed out a lot of that too. You could talk about. It's not even defense. It's not in both teams. Were slow paced teams. Chicago'S SLOW PACED team. Because they're running their stuff but when you're running these side pick and rolls or malone a pin down where somebody comes up only to try to get it back to him in the post that takes time and that's what they did

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