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Alabama High School Student Names NASA's First Mars Helicopter


People. people. So So who who knows? knows? Yeah Yeah well well in this in this week's week's Mars Mars News News There's There's GonNa GonNa be be a helicopter a helicopter carried carried to to the Red the Red Planet Planet in in the the belly belly of of the Perseverence the Perseverence Rover Rover and and that that helicopter helicopter has has been been named. named. I I don't don't know if know they if they intended intended to to name name this this thing thing but but then then they decided they decided to to because because they they got got all all these these great great names names submitted submitted an essay an essay contests contests and and eleventh eleventh grader. grader. Venetia Venetia ripon ripon any any At At Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa County County High High School School in in Northport Northport Alabama Alabama submitted submitted an essay an essay suggesting suggesting ingenuity ingenuity and and in in her her essay. essay. She She wrote wrote the the ingenuity ingenuity and and brilliance brilliance of of people. people. Working Working hard hard to overcome to overcome challenges challenges of interplanetary. of interplanetary. Travel Travel are are what what allow allow us us to to experience? experience? The The wonders wonders of of Space Space Exploration Exploration Ingenuity Ingenuity is is what what allows allows people people to to accomplish accomplish amazing amazing things things and and it allows it allows us us to to explore explore our our horizons horizons to to the the edges edges of of the universe the universe so so there there will will be be an an ingenuity ingenuity helicopter helicopter on on Mars. Mars. Now Now this this helicopter helicopter isn't isn't going going to have to any have any science science instruments instruments on on it. it. It It itself itself is is the the experiment experiment to to see. see. If If it it can can do. do. Its Its thing thing it's it's GonNa GonNa try try and and fly fly off off and and fly fly back back and and fly fly off off and and fly fly back back several several times times just just to to test test and and see see how how possibilities possibilities for for a helicopter a helicopter to to operate operate on on the surface the surface of of Mars Mars and and if if it it does does well well then then we we will will have have future future missions missions that that will will have have more more sensors sensors and and stuff stuff and and be be bigger bigger helicopters helicopters doing doing doing doing that that stuff. stuff. But But it's it's super super super super cool. cool. It It is amazing. is amazing. The The things things that that continue continue to to be be and and The The idea idea that we that we continue continue to to have have and and continue continue to pull to pull off off so so very very excited excited

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