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More than Bryan Adams who was very frustrated last night and had to lash out


Market shopping virus spreaders which is what Bryan Adams said via his Twitter last night nailed it they're very poignant yeah I'm trying to think nickel back because I mean they're they're they're they're a bunch of **** trust them if you will they're one of the biggest bands in the entire world yeah but you know not you know not sharing their opinions often I don't that's true you don't here Chad Kroeger I feel I think there could be a what somebody we're not thinking of Neil Young Neil Young and then I mean the only it'll be no surprise for he wears his feelings honestly the guess who guesses I think it be rush I think if if Getty wide rob his real name thank you Steve Greg from the Tampa Bay Lightning for teaching me that when we worked at the Orlando magic together Getty whine rob Alex Lifeson and the late meal a boy on a deal here with me up here at the help me help hedge talked if you got them back together somehow with hologram meal and then they came out and did a prog rock song call back eating virus spreaders then I think that would probably hurt them the most more than Bryan Adams who was very frustrated last night and and had to

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