Will issue of players' salaries cancel MLB season?


Right so rob Manfred is the commissioner Major League Baseball and he's on a conference call probably still on this conference call with the thirty owners to talk about the move to actually hold some sort of a baseball season this season and what happens is the commissioner goes to the owners they agree on a plan and then they have to take it to the Major League Baseball Players Association the union for them to sign off on and one of the big sticking points is going to be the pay baseball teams are not making any money and one of the arguments is that this would be a season where all of the players get pro rated salaries and they'll try to do some sort of revenue sharing as well they want to propose revenue sharing plan that guarantees that players would get forty eight percent of all the revenue this year now it's common in other sports NHL NFL NFL players get forty eight percent NHL players get fifty percent NBA players get about that same way but it would be on precedent when it comes to Major League Baseball the salary reduction egg issue is what figures the most significant hurdle

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