Severe storms approach Houston area



Readers to watch continues until nine PM tonight watching this line of storms roll in from the northwest they've had a history of producing small hail nickel and dime sized hail and those storm prediction center's flag the whole area at risk for severe weather through nine PM tonight are storms move in southeast towards the goal for low seventy degrees scattered storms again Thursday eighty four I'm meteorologist Scott Laurie more the weather channel seventy now under clouds and showers in the gallery at the K. T. R. H. top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center for live doppler seven forty weather radar gonna KTRE dot com click on operation stormwatch six oh one continuing our top story heavy thunderstorms moving across southeast Texas bringing high winds and several reports of damage across the area we've seen reports of multiple power lines down the Katy area especially in the area of Dan Overstreet and I. ten metal arc in Katy fort bend road as well also reports of a tree down on Smith street in downtown Houston it's blocking

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