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Pirate Women


Welcome to kiss myths and mysteries. I'm your host kid crumb today in this podcast will speak about pyro women but I wanNA speak first about research and a particular pirate woman that would be Gracia Molly. She was a pirate captain. Who had an entire fleet? She was captured by pirate hunters. She decided she wanted to negotiate with the Queen for her freedom. This would be Queen Elizabeth One of England and she grace o'malley was considered the pirate queen. The to Queens met in Green Witch Castle in England. And the interesting thing that came only from a lot of research was yes. The two women met Yes. The two women negotiated the freedom for Gratiot Malley. What the research showed was that. Grace o'malley only spoke Gaelic. What some consider the original Irish language and of course Queen Elizabeth one spoke only English the to negotiated in Latin. But let's talk about those two women antibody and Mary read any. Bonnie began her life in daughter of a wealthy Irish lawyer. In an effort to hide her booby s parentage. Her father had her dress as a boy and pose as his law clerk for part of her youth she later moved to America where she married a sailor. Seventeen eighteen and journeyed to the pirated island of new Providence. In the Bahamas there. She abandoned her husband and fell. Under the spell of Calico Jack Rachman a flamboyant buccaneer who plied his trade in the Caribbean. Now here before we get on to more about antibody. She was married to Calico Jack Rachman. He was applying captain. Mary read will come into this story. Also dressed as a man and at one point antibody forced herself on this young lucky sailor only to find out she was a woman. Well let's continue. Bonnie had always been known for her fierce and courageous temper. According to one legend she nearly beat a man to death when he tried to force himself on her and she quickly showed she could guzzle room. Curtian wheeled a pistol and cutlass with the best of CALICO. Jacks crew. She later forged a friendship with fellow female pirate. Mary agreed and the pair played a leading role in a spree of raids against small fishing boats and trading sloops in the summer and fall a seventeen twenty. Bonnie stint on the high seas was cut. Short that up Tober when Calico Jack ship was captured by a band of pirate hunters CALICO. Jack and several other men were executed but Bonnie dodged the news after was found out that she was pregnant now onto Mary Reid who was born in England in the late seventeenth century. Mary read spent most of her youth disguised as her deceased half brother so that her penniless mother could scam the boy's grandmother hoping to quench your thirst for adventure. She later adopted the name. Mark read and took on a succession of traditionally male jobs. I as a sailor. Later as a merchant sailor read turned pirate in the late seventeen tens. After buccaneers attack the ship. She was working on and pressed her into their ranks. She later found her way aboard. Calico Jack Rochman Boat where she met and befriended Anne Bonny and revealed herself to be a woman. Read only sailed with Calico Jack for a few months but during that time she won a fearsome reputation. One of her most famous exploits when she and Bonnie fought like bands. She's during an attack by pirate hunters if there was a man among the she supposedly screamed at the male buccaneers cowering below decks. He'll come up and fight like a man yard to be. Despite Reed's heroics she and the rest of Calico Jacks crew were captured and charged with piracy read avoided execution by admitting she was quick with child but she later came down with a fever and died in prison. But it was grace. O'malley that led a pirate fleet during a time when most women were denied. Education kept restrained to their homes pirate. Grace Somali led a twenty ship fleet. That stood up to the might of the British monarchy also known as bald for her habit of cutting her hair. Short o'malley was born into a powerful clash that lorded over the coastlines of western Ireland. After taking the reins fifteen sixty. She continued a family. Tradition of piracy by plundering English and Spanish shipping vessels an attacking rival chieftains who asked page. Were Legendary one tail claims. She did battle at sea only a day after giving birth but they also drew the ire of the authorities. She was forced to repel a siege against her strong old at Rock Fleet Castle in fifteen seventy four and later did eighteen months behind bars after she was captured during one of rates o'malley resumed her marauding after her release but more trouble arrived in the early fifteen ninety s when British authorities impounded or fleet with nowhere else to turn the sixty three year. Old buccaneer appealed directly to Queen Elizabeth one for assistance during the famous royal audience in London. O'malley portrayed herself as tired and broken old woman and begged the Queen to return. Herships released one of her captured sons and allow her to retire in peace. The gambit were but it seems that bald or o'malley didn't keep upper end of the bargain records show that she and her sons continued pirating until her death in Sixteen O. Three pyro women was produced here at night. Owl.

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