Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata

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We're here today to talk about our June twenty twenty. Book Club, pick, convenience store, woman by Sayaka Murata translated by Jeannie Taffy, Takamori. Yes, so there's a divisive opinion on this book and I'm like really excited to dive into it. A lot of people were questioning our decision to pick this book as a lighter More I guess not dark read. Okay, but the thing is like our book club. Pick before that was a warrior woman and I. Think were your was darker than convenience store. Women didn't think it was that dark to be having me neither. Get into a little, are we? Are we the Weirdos here for? Okay, so without further ado, let's get into our. Our discussion. We want you start off with the Book Jack. Description Keiko is normal at school and university. People find her odd and her family worries. She will never fit in to make them happy. Keiko takes a job at a newly opened convenience store where she finds peace and purpose in simple daily tasks. But in Keiko Circle just won't do for an unmarried woman to spend her time stacking shelves and Green Tea as the pressure to find a new job or worse, a husband increases. Keiko is forced to take desperate action so the story itself is a slice of life. story about a convenience store worker toll from first person perspective from the main character Keiko and. I guess we can start with just the style of the store because it's very straightforward. Right and that's some so I don't know if you have this information, but is this the style of Sayaka Murata, or is this because of the condition of Keiko are someone who is like atypical? I have not read any of meritas other works because they happened been translated, but from what I've gleaned from interviews like she does have a very deadpan style to her writing. It is very straightforward like you said and a lot of her previous novels because convenience store women, while it's the first novel to be translated in the states. It's also her tenth novel. and. Yeah like that was really surprising to me. But her other novels are they kind of the same same themes like it's about nonconformity in Japanese Society AH take on gender roles and sexuality, and just like Japanese, societal issues on celibacy and a sexuality and. There are two books that have actually like I'm really hoping that they get translated 'cause the premise is. It's so bonkers There's one book called dwindling world I don't know the Japanese title is, but it set in dystopia where all procreation is made artificially and sex between a heterosexual married couple is is considered to be pretty disgusting like they. Oh, yeah, it's. It's not really a taboo, but it's more of like. Is this like Why are you doing that? A better way to like make children like. Why would you go through sex so? That's like a really interesting premise to me and then the other one. which definitely sounds like my jam? It's called sausage in Soussan, and it roughly translate to translates to birth murder, and this is also a dystopia novels and they banned. It's a dystopia novel where? Where a person who gives birth to ten children they they get to lawfully murder another person down. Yeah, right? About a royal. The Battle Royale I want this book to be translated immediately. Into a movie! Speaking speaking of like adapting it to a movie I. Think Convenience Store. Woman would work really well as a Japanese DEALLM. Or even just like a limited series like one of the Japanese. Soap operas or TV, shows are kind of like the BBC were they're pretty like they're short and sweet. Yeah, yeah, well well. The thing is like a convenience store. Women is such a short novel. It's only like. Because of the size of the hardcover book it's IT'S A lot smaller and very very cute. But in the smart in the smaller version, it's like around. Two hundred pages were like two hundred and fifty pages a in like a normal Let letter size paperback. It's like a hundred and fifty pages, so it's more of a novella than an actual novel. But this book was really really popular. It sold six hundred and fifty thousand copies in Japan and it won the Tugela prize.

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