MTA Allows Some Bus Windows to Open, Still Evaluating Subway Car Windows


Increase ventilation on New York City's bosses, the empty is allowing drivers to open windows and the roof hatch is but w m. I see Steven Nessen reports it can't be done on old buses or trains. Only local buses have windows that can open the express bus is do have roof hatches, but if they're open, there's not enough clearance and tunnels. They have to stay closed. The MP says it's still evaluating whether subway windows should open. Darwin Kung is a health policy analyst at the Tri State Transportation campaign. He's concerned about underground air quality's amazing in circulation, and we can all feel it. Isn't a vigorous as an outdoor environment right? You can feel a hot system gets another drag. The head of Transit says some writers will feel more comfortable on buses, some on subways. It's up to them.

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