Delta Flight Diverted To New York's JFK Airport After Nose Caved In


Delta Airlines flight almost made it to to its its final final destination destination last last night night when when it it had had to to be be diverted diverted for for an an an emergency emergency emergency landing. landing. landing. A A A 3 3 3 19 19 19 was was was on on on its its its way way way to to to LaGuardia LaGuardia LaGuardia Airport Airport Airport when when when it it it was was was diverted diverted diverted to to to nearby nearby nearby JFK JFK JFK to to to make make make an an an emergency emergency landing landing A A little little before before 7 7 p.m. p.m. Delta Flight 10 76 sustained damage to the nose of the plane, apparently after hitting a bird. The jet carrying 43 passengers from Palm Beach, Florida, landed safely at Kennedy Airport. Photos showed the nose of the planes smashed in

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