If Seattle defunded its police department, what would happen next?


City Council's plan to cut the Seattle police budget by 50% I will fiercely Advocate that we focus on realistic, rational and responsible solutions, not political gestures or pandering, a political posturing, she says. The plan is the abdication of the they took as City Council members de funding police by 50% would change things in Seattle, considerably comas Jonathan show with the possible realities. If it actually happens, it's a huge gamble. Christopher Roof o with the Discovery Institute Center on Wealth and Poverty, I think what you'd see is that wealthy neighborhoods I'd hire private security and the poor neighborhoods would unfortunately be left to fend for themselves and rueful says it would be a win for criminals because fewer officers would be on the streets. I think you're going to get more chaos, more violence, more destruction, and you're gonna have a criminal class of criminal element that is able to operate with impunity. David Lewis is one of several protest organizer is pushing ahead by funding, education, community and health and housing were funding programs that statistically will Drop crime rates inherent and at the very least, he says, Now is the time to try. This's a civil rights revolution. This is a civil rights movement. Let's calm. Cuomo's Jonathan Show a head on crash with a wrong way.

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