'Magical Realism' - burst 16


Sudden in two thousand, and all these white people started moving into West Oakland gentrifying up the place with a kind of a willful. What's the right word? It was like a gleeful ignorance neighbor. Not You Veronica, not you. You're probably. A late waiver, but it was lethal ignorant, but it was like all the people who grew up in Oakland. Be Like you moving into the West. Okay. To Dog town. Well. It's a different community now. It's a different world. What I'm so glad to talk to somebody in Oakland. How how is it feeling our the streets? I. Don't you know it's actually it's been pretty? Compared to a lot of the country right now you know like early on with the protests like we're gonNA marches, and there's been some like in-car protesting bike protests, but. there's been a lot of like bad shit going on here. And PD surprisingly kind of pulled out. And stopped teargassing people if you weeks ago, that's cool I, guess. That's cool, that's. It's a low bar, but it's a bar that they've passed. So what's up Veronica? Why did you call us? I called

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