Houston cancels Texas GOP convention


Of this month. News A, says Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, a Democrat, sparked a political firestorm this past week when he pulled the plug on the Texas Republican Party convention. Convention was scheduled to take place this coming week in Houston said he's been hit hard station says by covert 19 and the mayor said he didn't want the GOP meeting to go on for health and safety reasons. Travis County Republican chair Matt McCoy Jack tells news There was no perfect option here. There are risks to doing it. And not like this. You have people coming in from all over the state of Texas, perhaps bring Corona virus with them if they're asymptomatic, but more importantly, by congregating together, even if you do it as safely as possible. You could contract the virus. Get back to wherever you live and again, he said the Republican convention had gone beyond Houston's public health guidelines in preparation, including canceling events, adding hand sanitizer stations, temperature checks and encouraging but not requiring attendees to wear masks. The station ads now Republicans are fighting legally to still hold their convention. At least two lawsuits have been filed

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