How to Water With Daryl Beyers A Way to Garden With Margaret Roach June 29, 2020


His teaching role has put all the fundamentals into the new gardeners handbook, which even this old. Gardner learned a lot from. I asked him to visit the show again to talk about watering so welcome back Darryl. How're you? Doing well, I'm a little dry, but. I'd like to get wetter hopefully someday, yeah. Yeah, where's The rain? You promised when you came on the show. You tell me how to make it rain. Well. My trick is to plant, lots and lots of new plants, and then say a little prayer and hope cancer okay. So. I loved in your book that you got to quote. You manage to somehow figure out how to quote Leonardo Davinci in a garden book. Do you remember that quote Oh? I do remember that. Well water is the driver of nature yes. That was it was in the introduction. Yeah, ICE! Well yeah, I mean. Leonardo knew a little bit about everything. Basically, so I think he actually knew knew something about watering. Watering in the garden as well 'cause your your garden will not grow. Without the proper amount of water, and it doesn't mean that it does needs a lot of water, but it does. It does mean that it needs some water. You know what I loved. In the book, there were so many. factoid about watering to kind of. Make me think about it differently like you talk about a fifty foot shade tree loses up to sixty gallons of water per hour. The healthy tomato plant will absorb at least and release at least thirty gallons of water throughout the growing season i. mean things like that that you start to visualize? How important can you tell us about? The different functions of how water is used by plants during times of growth? Well, I mean it's required further metabolism for pretty much. All of their metabolism's, which is why. Leonardo had it right where it's the driver of life and so. What I talk about. Is You know several different aspects of it first of all cell expansion in other words for the cells to divide and to grow water has to be present. Otherwise it's just not going to happen. They also water is what's. The water that the roots are absorbing and bringing into the into the plant is conducting all the nutrients up in and around the plant and sort of distributing it throughout, so the vascular system is sort of flowing with because water is available this then in turn create something called Jibbidy, which is basically the. The the stiffness of the herbaceous parts of the plant. So you're plant will stand up straight. The leaves won't wilt and things like that. water is also necessary for propagation. Get that seat to germinate. And even for propagation techniques like doing taking cuttings of plants and. Even if you're trying to do, like a layering air layering on a stem or something like that, but even more importantly. Plants will not photos synthesize without water and photosynthesis that. Engine that sort of fuels the the plant because? Through photosynthesis, the plant then is able to create carbohydrates and water is. Of the ingredients in that little chemical, Formula C O, two plus H., two O. in the presence of sunlight and chlorophyll, and you get sugars and oxygen as the result and so water as part of that formula to start with. So. When I began gardening, there was this conventional wisdom kind of it probably. Folk Wisdom, old wives, tale, or whatever we want to call it. You know it's like in the northeast. The garden needs an inch of water per week, and and it was if it was some formula, and you point out in the new gardeners handbook that. The needs for water vary. Do to not only the stage of life.

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