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Welcome to daily discussions on your heart is a Karasin Today on the show? We have Leandro get her to pronounce his surname light because that's difficult for me, before we get started a liked acknowledge that judicial landowners whose Land Brew Code, which is the wrong people of the Kulin nation so welcome to the shy, Leandra. Thank you. Thanks for having may is act. Now before we started. Can you please pronounce your surname? His name is Leandra in Mycenaean. Is GEICO MONGOL? It's pretty much fanatical, said a gay. Come on up. Yeah well as it sounds. And where is your mom and is that surname related to? Say I am a yellow woman from northeast Omland in my family older around million can be. My sister lives in roaming getting. I'm said Oh my mobile from there. I'm I'm the. Papal so that's my language group and. Yeah my my last name is a human name my. Name is Leandra, Jewelry Gift Mungo. Your right, yeah, bitter mouth! Jeff the rat on old documents for government stuff. Semi Medicare. Cod is like just one like this nice space like it's all just. You old lettuce on kind of. Whenever I've been pulled over. I guess You know random bobby. Tayo at UVA. People who. Look Bank. People always like what is that from from like? I just this country. Regional. Yeah. Young Lou. Famous? Generally people without the mole is will gross young. Yeah, so he's young woman. then a way to put me on the spot and I'm gonNA. Go Blank then of. Beautiful Magnolia. And then there is. one of our swimmers named after Rodway Hicks, Yup, and then there is. David Google. ACT UP. There are. Not Let me. Let me. And so we'll get to your living. Baker play. Banca boys brought. Claiming Baker Boys. Rats! Tonight just. So that's awesome, and so you grew up on country or did you grow of country or where best serve the fast? He is my life. Yes, I was born in Nulla, Mboya Guards, NS. Chris couple years yet I grabbed them country and then moved away. Sydney lived in Cape York for a little while Hammer. Throw a little while, and then yes, settled in woolen garments. White, said Hey. Yeah. Yeah sometimes I am. Did that confused with town? So when people say Cape York I think Capetown for some reason that it sounds like every. Interesting. so you went to Sydney? What I do sort of move across the Sydney again. So I think it was about. Three or four? Then we moved to Willin Gong for a little bit. MOMS wrecking while and then moved up yet. kept lived in Cullen a few years. And then from there to camera for a couple of years and then which was. Unite Complete different last Dosso in Kirkland. Coming home for lodge didn't wish as a school uniform. And then went straight to icy, cold camera and I was like. What is of this? Army went to Campbell Shales like Oh this is camera you know is not what I expected. And so being away from country were able to keep language, tax or young lewd language is yes I'm not I'm not I'm not fluent, but I do understand some language and yet definitely so I'm one of seven I'm the baby of seven kids and. Yes I definitely unit still strong connections to talk time with my family, and from yeah, we just got back from a trip. Thing yet. Backup harm, which is sir, good? it was a bit crazy because everything going on, but it was yeah, it was good. Yeah, was it Rahm while we're talking about on country was any cases. Up In a land that bowl. What was? The response coronavirus. Yeah It was actually. Once, you were said that was all buyers. Security laws say obviously we had to quarantine because we crossed the border, and that was something that new but we will going for family. Reasons was essential traveled

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