What is Code, to Our Evolved Mind?

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A philosophical discussion can be had about the role of code and our lives. But I I want to set up some backdrop and a little bit of theory for this exploration. Today for the sake of today's thought experiment will accept the idea that humans have evolved over some very long period of time. The length doesn't matter all that much other than to say it's very long to optimize for survival and that the vast majority of that period was spent in a world that looked very different from ours today. This idea that the human brain has evolved for a world that seems to kind of Lurk beneath the surface of our culture and all of our kind of social practices today and that. It's actually suppressed by our civilized instincts and the societal norms. This isn't a novel concept this idea. That Lord Lord of the flies style somewhere lurking underneath all of this. There's more primal instincts but this concept is useful for confronting some hard questions about how our brains perceive that code and that brings me to my next point for the sake of this discussion. We'll talk about two distinct concepts the brain and the mind now. This is absolutely a physical philosophical minefield in I want to be careful here in suggesting a dualist mindset as if those two concepts are truly distinct when I refer to the mind or the brain in this episode you might substitute the concepts of conscious and sub-conscious thought we're essentially talking about the raw processing of information which is what the brain might be doing versus the meaning making of that information. Which is what the intangible mind or consciousness might be doing the thinking about that information that you've processed is that meaning making on the one hand our brain processes information in that sub-conscious realm constantly sometimes without our explicit consent. This is how we can accidentally convert. You know cell phone into a gun or a stick into a snake. This is particularly true for things that we see as threats but on the other hand we dream up our own realities in our mind intentionally. We imagined objects or situations that don't really even exist and sometimes even can't exist our brains in some interesting backward. Fashion are subject to this kind of sensory input as well what we imagine. We process in many ways as if it was real even. If it isn't a short dive into Google can give you some more scientific background on this particularly if you look for the idea that our consciousness itself is a reproduction of the output of that raw processing of data around us. In other words our mind is actually making up what it thinks. Our brain is processing is experiencing so if we are re projecting actual reality and it certainly seems plausible that are imagined realities could be processed as if they were real and this is exactly what research shows. And it's how we can have things like memory substitution. We remember events from our childhood as if they happen us but it turns out they happened to a close family member in. This happens because years we tell that story over and over or that story's told to us over and the actual memory begins warp as we replay that over and over kind of like a VHS tape that's been played too many times instead of getting scratches on the film. You're replacing characters. But I want to get us back on track here out of that philosophical realm about consciousness instead talk about how all of this relates to how we deal with code when we encounter it. Misses OBVIOUSLY PRETTY COMPLEX? So with this complex backdrop. Let's talk about how this ancient brain of ours in our modern context and frankly kind of confused. Mind trying to bridge the GAP BETWEEN THOSE TWO. How we can bring code into the picture? We're going to talk about that. Chance encounter right after we talked about. Today's sponsor winnowed one of the amazing things about developing expertise is that it often starts small. It may even start as something fun. Play as an engineer. You probably know by now that we as a community of people take play very seriously and playing around with some code can lead to some really important outcomes both for the industry and for your own career. And so if you don't have the proper play ground to actually test your ideas out. You can be easily disadvantaged. Now howdy make good playground. You start small but then you make it easy to scale up. And that's exactly what Leonard. Does Leno's plans start at five dollars a month and they scale all the way up to Super Production Services basically think. Gpa You plans for a processing and dedicated CPU plan so that you don't have any steel between you and another one of Leno's customers. All of this is based on this idea that having Reu access to a Lenox server is one of the most powerful tools you can have as developer. But on top of that winnowed is offering incredible hardware and Tools to access the server so things like a Python. Cli Or of course an

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