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And it is my honor to introduce you to some of the class of twenty twenty joining us from Hayes. Montana is CAITLIN carry water. She is a haze lodge logical high school senior. And she is a Cinnabon Caitlyn. Congratulations in welcome to native America. Calling Hi thank you and so as a recent graduate how you feel. Kinda shock tough ride. I Bet I bet and for you. What does it mean to get to this point in? No that you're turning a new chapter Oh we had a kind of plotted out for a long time. But we knew it was gonNA make it in any words to your fellow classmates about Graduation and just getting to this point We just need to keep moving forward and we need to keep with our education and make a better future for reservation. You know all right I hear you Kaitlyn And also here with us today out of Gallup New Mexico as Dr Key Smith. He's a university of Minnesota Medical School graduate and an incoming you see. Sf University of California San Francisco Resident and he is day my pleasure to have him here and Thank you for being with us. Casey and I'm just GONNA to keep saying Hello Dr Smith. Welcome thank you for having and another great accomplishment and feel to be referred to as Dr Smith Now I think it's a while to get used to but I think there's been a lot of like challenges and sacrifices and also a that went into being able to say that and so it definitely feel it feels good But I take a lot to get used to that and so Dr Smith your thoughts about getting to this point in knowing bright now. The entire country is Looking to our medical professionals more doctors are needed. And now we can say we have another doctor Adding to the workforce in just your thoughts about getting this accomplishment especially during these times. Yeah really the question so I think just what I was saying earlier. I think as native people We tend to make a lot of sacrifices leaving our homes and our and our nation and going on to care education and so Being able to be at the point that I'm out right now and overcoming those sacrifices and challenges and being able to Say I'm a doctor now? it's just very exciting very humbling. I feel very honored to be a native person in medicine and I'm a little nervous and scared to be Kind of moving into the next journey next part of my journey during this time. But I also feel like I've been equipped with many skills and the knowledge to be able to to Treat patients and being able to learn a lot of many awesome doctors. And so I think it's An exciting but also kind of nerve wracking time but also to be on the front lines and to be able to do what I've been wanting to do for a very long time. I think I'm looking forward to it. Into what discipline are you going to be going into? So I applied to internal medicine Welby Training in internal medicine. And so you will definitely be there in critical moments in Casey just thinking of getting through all your studies in getting to this point where now it is more of the practical side where your thoughts I think I don't know I feel like at least the first part of Med school year in the books into taking lot of tests. And there's not a lot of patient interaction until toward the end of Med school. But I think I think now as you have mentioned being able to apply a lot of this knowledge and these skills that able to gain and being able to actually make changes in individuals lives is is very powerful and and and honoring into so graduation is truly a moment where you are transitioning into something new Leaving behind space that maybe you got very comfortable in. And so I know how How big of a moment. This can be for many

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