New York City is looking at these areas for budget cuts


With the city in a fiscal crisis budget cuts are expected which could well include the NYPD the NYPD has already delayed the next class at the academy because of the pandemic and council members are asking to consider cancelling it altogether even if you don't cut this class permanently you could save twenty five million dollars if you delete it one year councilmember Donovan Richards who co chairs the finance committee said big summer events cost big Bucks in police overtime cancellations this year could create at least ten million dollars in savings for example over time just for July fourth fireworks last year was two point five million commissioner Dermot Shea said even though crime is down during the pandemic twenty twenties overall number still can't compete with the drastic lows of the last few years has been climbing since this pandemic started but he's still off for the year nine percent it was up over thirty percent on March twelfth burglary is now one thirty two percent grand larceny auto sixty three percent he said while felony assaults have dropped dramatically murder is up seven percent and there's been a thirteen percent uptake in shootings year to date compared with twenty nineteen Sonia Rincon ten ten wins

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