New York releases preliminary coronavirus antibody test results


Kita we've also seen some interesting information come out of New York in regards to the prevalence of the virus throughout the state based on some early antibody studies what can you tell us about the new data date that very exciting data actually first of all let me say that that herd immunity where the virus will be completely obliterated pretty much by people to them seventy percent of the population have to be infected and they have to produce an immune response so we have found with the New York state number thank you and predict based on the expected that several hundred people that roughly twenty seven to thirty percent of the population have been a body which means they have been infected whether they've been to the hospital their doctor the emergency room or whatever they have been impacted now that that they it is not a random sample of the sample of people interpret market detector that have have been asked to contribute sample and they have so if that's the case then the original infectivity rate which we thought or the death rate which we fought with three point seven percent with the numbers of people that now have antibodies and showing unity means that the death rate is really down below one percent about point six protect based on calculations that if that's the case that the good thing it means number one that at the at the even those on the virus will begin to Peter out and number two it means that a lot more people have been infected than we know and that the public knows up and that those people are spreading the infection unknowingly to other people the best majority of people are not winding up in the hospital on a respirator thank and dying as we eat every day here in our institution the possibility of a second wave in the fall explain why that's becoming a real concern it's becoming a concern for two reasons number one we don't have a back being at and I heard that you're trying to get the back being that being developed that may be in a two hour back being there now about you're going to pay you in this country we have multiple company developing the vaccine and I hope that by the fall god willing we will have a vaccine that's the first that concern second concern we've already discussed then added right to differentiate their viral infection of what Kuroda with Kobe who October nineteen but now start to try to differentiate this infection from regular garden variety hello influenza a or B. there are always people out there many millions that don't want to get back to nature and so they may have both infections that the same time and actually we've seen that clinically or they may have one or the other and it's up to what the doctor to figure out which one both infection can kill you no question about it if you're a new intolerable and you know who they are they're the elderly people in nursing homes there people with immuno deficiency that they don't even know they have an immunodeficiency there are people on chemotherapy there are people with other infection we have to be able to doctors to differentiate each of those patients and be able to make that diagnosis within hours because we've got a month back you know if this is a respiratory virus and does the flow in some cases and this repertory virus can kill you in a matter of hours we have to know what your pulse oxygen level is and all that and if you're short of breath and you get one of these calls being meeting high fever infection whether it be the flu or corona virus you better get yourself to an emergency room and that is my advice for the fall because I expect the Kobe nineteen could be weakened by the call that my personal rich and my date that on the science of the way most infectious epidemics go but it's going to be with us until we have a vaccine so it may have a resurgence in the fall which is what everybody I

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