Jobless rate spikes to 14.7%, highest since Great Depression


The U. S. unemployment rate is now the highest since the Great Depression as the virus pandemic continues hammering the economy two months after hitting a fifty year low the jobless rate is now fourteen point seven percent the government says some twenty and a half a million jobs simply disappeared in April one month the nearly wiping out eleven years of job growth with the nation all but shut down it's fully expected there's no surprise president trump telling fox and friends it's not his fault the economy had to close and when it re opens those jobs will all be back and I'll be back very soon but few economists expect a fast turnaround the Congressional Budget Office predicts the jobless rate will still be near ten percent by the end of next year for now the damage may be worse than it seems just fifty one percent of working age Americans have jobs the lowest number on record Sager made Donnie Washington

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