New York - Study to determine incidence of novel coronavirus infection in U.S. children begins


The national institutes of health is conducting a study to learn more about how cool that nineteen is affecting kids most children have milder corona virus symptoms in adults that has doctor Turner rule reports some of inward severe complications I would never in a he instantly and be in the hospital sixteen year old karla Duarte is a corona virus survivor the high school junior from New York is one of the relatively few children in the U. S. to have severe complications from cove in nineteen our numbers when I think probing asked again level was not improving doctors told Carla's mom Anna they had one treatment option left in ECMO machine which pumps and oxygen needs the patient's blood outside the body when they told me about the machine they said you know this is fifty eight after seven days on ECMO and five more on a ventilator Carla's condition finally improved she was sent home after twenty one days in the hospital you never had any medical problems before that serious cases like Carlos are rare complicating the efforts of investigators we have much less experience because the children are just getting lost six so there are many fewer children interacting with the healthcare system and being tested Dr Tina harder to a Vanderbilt school of medicine is leading a new NIH study remotely monitoring about two thousand children and their families in eleven cities nationwide she says that more data should be collected before a decision is made to send kids back to summer camp or school I think it's really risky to base decisions about this based on the fact that children get less sick from this virus because that does not equal children being less likely to transmit the virus we're not completely sure what are the risk factors for why these children get sick with co

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