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Our first expert is Philly. Barret goes enthused yourself toby. Toby my name is Billie Barrett. I am a blacksmith. Thank you. Let's meet our second expert. Linski Chris. He's introducing yourself to toby toby. I'm Chris Ski and I am an artisan and a welder. And I am a reenactor of a female blacksmith at Colonial Williamsburg tells about those hot and Molten. Sounds Lisa. Oh did you hear them? I did I think everybody else heard them to painting. Topsy time. That is correct. That is when we put our experts on the hot seat while they answer toby's questions. Lisa should we put on the hot? I totally buried because his initials are be just like the initials of my nickname nickname batboys. Okay Yeah I'm a math for sure. I don't WanNa mess with me fat boy okay. So Toby we're starting with billy. What is your first question for? Billy Billy would you rather get a heavier envel- or a hotter forge I would rather get a heavier and bill? Why is that? I just like heavy things. You're GONNA love your parting. Gift today. I don't think we have mice. Okay Chris and Billy what have you made the most of I'll answer I 'cause I work at colonial Williamsburg work at a historic forge. So we mostly do shoes. Oh that's cool. Do you do like high heels only for the fancy horses? How about you belly? I mostly make A little bit of everything with a specialization. In knives you make knives like knives that you cut food with everything from cutting food to serviceable tools. That you use every day very cool. Do you name any of them. Like Mac or sure to name a lot of them really. Yeah who and. What's the name of your favorite favorite favorite Tomahawk? I call stabby stabby. Okay Toby Billy What would be your second? Most favorite thing to do is make besides knives One of the things. I'd really like to do before I move on from this. Life is make a a really nice replica of an old style. Lock which is one of your skills as a Smith that you really want to try to. Master cool is homes for both of you. How old were you when you gone? Interest IN BLACK SNIFFING. Yes I'd like to know. I'd like to know how one decides that. They want to be a blacksmith. At what age does that happen? You just wake up one day and say hey I wanNA. A blacksmith. House is on fire. Let's make knives. How does that work? I studied had a minor in art in in university And so I started with glassblowing actually and then I started working at colonial Williamsburg and I saw some of the cool. Things that the blacksmiths were making in. That's the way I kind of got into it. How about you billy? Ironically when I was about twelve years old my parents took colonial Williamsburg. Is that true? Absolutely and It was a rainy day and I was begging my dad. Let me stay and watch the Blacksmith and the gentlemen still alive today and left me there for two hours and that clinched a deal for me. That was it as Peter. Ross it was Peter. Ross yes it was who is being arise. I guess he's a black one of the most well respected smithson. The World Master Blacksmith at the Anderson Forge words. Okay so Chris what what I see if I went to colonial Williamsburg. Mcdonald's like what would you see if you saw her there? Ya Okay and do you do any acting? Over's voice overs So we all portray real people that you know really lived in Eighteenth Century Colony of Williamsburg Virginia and there was a real forged called the Anderson Blacksmith Forge. And I play someone named Loretta. Frye who real person. And she was a female blacksmith. During that time we reenact what you would do or what I would she would do. I would do in the the daily routine of that person. In the eighteenth century I be dressed in eighteenth century clothing specifically what she would wear while she was working as a blacksmith. Clocking fear are going to be burned. Probably not a good idea. Kristiyo like my name is way. All your guy's name again. The Red Fra Loretta. Our blacksmith just like that old timers. Yeah pretty much. Do the voice better killing you. Just Hi I'M LORETTA. Fry and I. You know my a Blacksmith Year. They Anderson four bit of a southern accent. Yeah I hear that good okay. So for billy what are the steps to forging something that would depend on what you're making you it's It's all for your favorite thing knives for knife. It would be for me to determine what type of knife us what type of material I'm going to use. And then if I'm not sure about how I'M GONNA FORGE IT. I would forge it on clay. I deceive it's GonNa come out like I wanted to and then I just go from there. Say I'm just going to make a simple Chef's knife the first thing I'm GonNa do is forged my tip out dumber. Draw the blade out to the length that I want I'm GONNA taper down taper my blade down figure out how went to look and then just finish up so when you say you forge. Something does that mean. You put like a chunk of metal on the end of a big stick and put it over. Fire depends on the methods that you're used to work in many people do many different things. But yes you heat a piece of metal to well over a thousand degrees and then you use your hammered to shape it into the shape that you would like you ever makes more than there. Didn't they tasted terrible. I bet they had a lot of iron metal. This Chris how have used your angle personal best. Is You know. I'm not sure I've never. I've never waited but it's pretty heavy right. Do they come in many different weights and different sizes? Okay so is for both of you Is it true? That all blacksmiths are really bulky. Big Burly Guy. Sure okay. No I don't I don't think so at all. I do need a certain level of strength To use the tools. But there's a lot of intricacies to two blacksmith thing And sometimes a less bulky person could do that better I see. What do you think about that billy? I think it's Agreeable and sometimes you do have to have a delicate touch and it's one of the hardest things ever taken me to learn is that you don't always have to bash stuff small. Yeah that too but you only do that once. You've passed your fingers before. Oh No I don't WANNA know la La la La but does that sound like something. You'd like to try one day toby. What try doing some blacksmith out to? Your House is safe as long as it's safe. Yeah thing like one of you. I could like higher museum or something. You're looking for anyone. Whichever one of US want to be an Apprentice Liar.

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