You've got shared lady Gaga. Britney Spears Arianna they're all gay icons albeit very straight away ladies and I wanted to know who is the next straight white lady GAY ICON SO I deep coma from Thomas. Who's my pop culture expert? He's in the know to find out who that gay icon could be. Oh Yeah it's too early to label duleep. I mean she's fine. I guess she is a Grammy Award. Winning best new artist. Thank you know why I'm hype and so much but I mean my clear pop icon will forever be. Gino is all right next question number four. There's this stereotype that has long permeated lesbian culture. And it's that Lesbians Love Cameo in fact auto straddle did a survey about it and found that lesbians are more likely to own cats than any other group of People. I wouldn't know as I myself am a dog bisexual so I hit up Dr Rachel Cordesman. Visiting professor in women's Gender and Sexuality Studies at Wake Forest University. She curated an exhibition all about lesbians in cats by Harry. Cats have a lot of associations with southern entity and often kind of dangerous or deviant forms of feminine any so because of Lake Association so cats switches association so flake cats even with like pejorative terms for China after the nineteen seventies the sort of a defiant reclamation of cats with an different lesbians cultures lesbian feminist for reclaiming hats and now furthering this educational moment our final coup weary question number. Five is a question that I talk to. You Parker. Yes and thank you for making my next family. Thanksgiving more awkward. You're welcome you told me. Queer people love soup and you wanted to know why in so I went and asked my sweet sweet. Got Sister The undercut champion Baltimore. Why Queer people are so obsessed with soup she would. She said Parker. That's what I thought. I know. That's not a thing. Okay first of all you're making. It seem like us. Queers put soup on a pedestal. I'm just saying that UH squares like to eat some soup. I'm always being invited to sue cooking. Parties Soup potlucks. Even soup exchanges. But I mean everyone loves soup. It's delicious and it's cheap. But then I talked to my friend Kiana and Shalit's me and passionate messages like this. Why do I like soup so much? Let me tell you. Even though they look so easy and simple they could take hours almost like you know romancing a lesbian the seasonally simple but in actuality extremely hard true true but also Parker. I have a confession. I actually don't like soup what I don't like. It would have been good information to know about weeks ago. Well it still even though I don't like soup is still something I was curious about. And it's still something that holds up. I'm just a special anomaly. Okay versus So it's not a thing you have in previous Leslie. I coming up one more investigation from and it is a doozy Nancy. We'll be right back. No one is carrying soup around

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