Ep. 3,050: UFC 249, Khabib's return, Miocic-Cormier 3, Ryan Bader and more - burst 7



Thirty six going on thirty seven. I think Ferguson is it was. He just didn't need to do it. I don't think there's anything that could get in Habibur Justin's those guys are savages to in their own way in their own And their own way so whatever. Here's some good news goes more good news juicier for me got meets. Alex Perez at UC to fifty on June six. So June six sounds like it'll be an APEC show or well. No that might be a fight island show early. June is Dana White update on that and International Guy Well but what I was getting at is this is flyweights. So the flyweights still a pulse. They're in a coma right now. They'RE IN A COMA. The divisions in a coma. We're hoping they run back. Benedetti's deserves Figueredo. But the fact that they're doing this means that maybe they've been moving their fingers or their toes in and they're going to come out of the coma soon. I love the flyway division. It's not my favorite probably like third or fourth. But I do not want to go away. I think it's definitely worth it. The guy's really turned it up in the last three. To five years there was a run where Dimitrius was so amazing and so much better than everyone else that I understand why people just couldn't get that excited. It wasn't a deep division. So it's not like you had well the number two and the number eight guy or the number six. The number seven had a barn burner. There wasn't enough fights to really keep your interest in the. The champion was just smashing. But it's gotten a lot lot better the fight tab there's some contenders and And needs the stay

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