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Too, many emails, John, Gordon, America's okay? Best of all Facebook live because we might into that. And again, the phone number eight five five four two four ninety to five but chat with brandings a good guy. He'll put you on the air. We got rid of not got rid of. But we took care business. You know before just one final word hasn't gotten a couple emails about the trip. We were talking about. That's good. Yeah. It always wanted to do was let you know that we we have this being planned, but it'll be three weeks before we have the information. Okay. And the somebody was asking about the trip to the rose gardens anger housing in that won't be part of the main trip. But if we have enough interest, we will put together a post to a little side post to her. Yeah. Like, maybe three days will zip up to hang sang or housing before we come home eight hour bus trip. Zip. That's what's going on. I think we would do the we would go from Prague does anger house in then in. I think I might be like three or four hours. That's not so bad. It's not bad at all. Okay. We do have all the business out of the way. So that means our guest is standing by ready to go tiger. Yes. This morning. It is springtime. People are pulling out the lawn care tools outdoors, getting them greased up ready to go the grass is growing the the weeds need to be pulled. And so we thought it'd be a great time to bring on Alan hang the lawn care nut when. Once analogy is called him a nut tiger calls himself the nut. Okay. So I think it's okay. But you know, a expert in the lawn care field. Alan good morning. Good morning. Great to be with you guys. Yeah. Thank you for joining us. How's everything going this morning? It's great checking in from sunny, Florida. It's cloud proof right now. Nice and blue probably gonna hit eighty today. So we're doing well down here now. Perfect. So you're in the you're just like us. We're here in San Diego. So you got spring full in effect for you, right? Yeah. I got Saint Augustine grass here, and it's been a running real strong for the last several weeks. So things are looking Allen quick quick question. Does the humidity kick in this time or is a little too soon for your Florida humidity little too soon right now we we are not in the rainy season. Quite yet. We'll hit rainy season end of may early June. That's when the humidity really gets altering. But this time of year. Now's perfect. Awesome. Sounds good. He's Alan teller listeners a little bit about who you are. Because you're a well known lawn care expert across the nation, but you are new to our program. So tell us a little bit about your background in. Why you got into lawns? For sure. Yeah. I'm first of all I'm not I wouldn't call myself an expert on the guy that learned from experiences and just loves to talk. But I started at triggering Kim lawn back in nineteen Ninety-seven as a job after I got out of the air force and spent fifteen years there that was on the south side of Chicago, cool season grass and held a lot of different jobs there service manager marketing manager and general manager, and it's kind of move my way up through the true green ranks and really enjoyed that. But over time, I started to realize that you know, we had some challenges with communicating with customers, and the internet was becoming a big thing. And especially as mobile started taking off in two thousand seven and eight and I realized there was a little bit of a hole there, and I wanted to fill it in can't really do that sometimes in large corporations. So I started a little blog, and that blog turned into something pretty big, and then I took it onto YouTube, and, you know, just in the last couple of years, it's really become something on YouTube. There wasn't a lot a lot of people carrying about lawn care on YouTube until about two years ago. So the real growth of the channel has happened. Just in the last couple of years, I don't work for Trevino anymore. Obviously a lot of other things. But now, I do this fulltime. So that's how it works at moan DIY. I kind of consider it, you know, like, an HDTV kind of DIY show just on YouTube, and it's about long awesome in, you know, you could be an expert because I mean, you know, a lot of experts that have studied things for lots of years. Sometimes don't know even the people a what people that have been doing it for years and years and years, and so, you know, I I always see this win them, especially like, a call Gulf course manager, you know, they go to school for this. They spend years at universities studying, you know, lawn care systems era Gatien's isn't some of that. But then when you actually working on that golf course in learning those little ins and outs. You know? That's the real expert part of it understanding what's going on. Why you might have a problem or what's causing the problem? So. Yeah. Alan, I think it said he'd be called an expert. No problem at all. They're especially if we get questions this morning from our Facebook viewers or listeners, you're going to have to answer them, no pressure. I think we have one avail followers on Facebook. Because he says good morning me the tall fescue be with you. Vernacular language, we've developed in our community. And that's the whole thing. You know, my my communities ninety nine percent DIY ours. And that is part of what I try to do is. I really do. I want them to understand the math behind what we do in the science. And the why we're doing what we're doing is that hey, just throw this down. It's only tell you why we're doing it. And let me tell you the mass behind it, and what you should expect. And what results you'll know? So we do try to get pretty technical in that. But I try to do it in a way that is approachable for the Iwa. And that's that's kind of a niche of carp down. It's been really fun to do that. That's awesome. So it is the end of April right now. Alan for a lot of people. They might be still under snow, but they're getting ready for spring for those of us that are lucky to be in the southern part of the country. We are in full effect with spring. What what's something right now that people need to consider whether they're still getting ready for spring or whether this ring is starting about lawns. No matter where you're at. I love it. So actually, I consider actually may fifth which is or this year may fourth which is the Kentucky Derby day. I would consider that to be the peak of lawn care across a good portion of the country cool season warm season grasses should all be kicked in pretty hard core right around that time. So we're getting close to that. But we still have an opportunity for pre emergent herbicides to stop crabgrass. That's really the big one especially up through the midwest. And in the North Slope temperatures approaching fifty five is when I like to start throwing down some pre emergent, and then in the south, you know, we can do a second application or. Split application of preeminent, herbicides when temperatures hit seventy. So that's the thing. I would still start making sure you're focusing on as your emergency can stop crabgrass and other other challenges during the year, and then the other thing I tell people is to get out in mo- that really the best way to can to make your lawn. Look better grow more healthy. If you have Risa miss or stolen, his grasses to make them spread out and get stickers to mow, and I told people the mo- twice a week. So get happy right now every Wednesday and then MO every Saturday or Sunday. So those are the two things I would do right out. The gate is getting those two habits. Yeah. And you know, the frequent mowing keeps the weeds controlled because they don't go to flower or anything like that. And you know, I didn't realize so if mowing two times a week. Yeah. You know, I had challenged people to do that. Because I believe the cultural practices the number one way to have a healthy, healthy lawn. When I did work for green one of the biggest reasons why our applications would fail was not due to the application of the weather or the technician, it was due to improper mowing or improper cultural practices mowing is really we're talking about. They're going to get better results. And I was going to say to interrupt you. But it's such a simple thing and people just mow the grass because the grass gets gets tall. They want to keep it a certain level. But what you're saying is by Morgan twice a week. You're prepping yourself for the upcoming season. Correct. Exactly, right. And you're you're encouraging more lateral growth in those types of grasses, and you're also encouraging more root growth, you know. And as well, as I you know, I like to think there's another piece of that. There's the exercise you get a good excuse to get out and get exercise clear your head on a Wednesday night get out in the sun setting in your face, those are beautiful things. And I think that makes a connection with your land. And I know that gets a little bit, you know, stranger, whatever. But I really believe there's something to that that the more you connect with your land more you will want to care for it..

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