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Really just you know rose walk in on mickey rivers and play the mike you know right on the edge of the grass and then when ricky finally hit a longevity me to snapped it they ran on every yankee outfield and you know they ran on every ball they never stopped on the base fairness and they knew the yankees didn't have a lot of power and the yankees went out and got their bopper who obviously the next year had three home runs in the world series game clinching in game six that of course reggie jackson the seventy sentence of the eggs were very very tough the seventy six yankees bills the little differently than this team so um i understand why people go to ninety six but ninety six is not that accurate because the 95 team the guy the young guys here this year got their experience in a big way they got fifty postseason of bats they played in tough spots know they learn something i think in a big way the the kids on ninety five yankees were watching jesuthasan don't play on that team they were they didn't play the ninety six in play a 95 so it was a different team of that team had a lot of veterans on the bench that ninety six team we know with cecil fielder and strawberry and bogs and rains i mean those guys will all you know tremendously talented veteran players who bears they're probably but it had great primes so they were a little different team than either of these teams but this is about a young team in a lot of ways go into the post season getting experience playing thirteen games beating a great indian team advancing taking a lead and then getting crushed in game six and seven so they will learn from all that in a.

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