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Is pretty unheard of in modern era. So this wants to for them Michael Andretti to win. It's. Rossi's first win of the year making him the first driver to win consecutive races at Long Beach since Sebastian board day, one three straight from two thousand five to two thousand seven. I'm Sean Herrick on the level on the go and on Twitter at ninety three WIBC and WIBC dot com. Seven oh, five traffic on the fives of mad bear, John. Here we go again crash northbound sixty five seventy downtown right there Fletcher avenue before Washington straight as I understand it. We have a semi flatbed tied up in this. Oh, a passenger vehicle. Everybody's mostly on the left shoulder, but be mindful of benthic could be partially in the left lane right now. As a matter of fact, we'll call it left lane blankets. We have to move to the right anyways. With traffic on northbound sixty five backed up already to Troy avenue, okay? Approaching keystone avenue, and this is also down eastbound seventy of course, from oh say about west of Missouri St. on into the south split. It is heavy right now, and they were looking at traffic lights. Flashing granted all directions Washington street at north Shortridge road over on the east side and a vehicle fire reported twenty-first post traffic sponsored by Drexel interiors. Go where the pros go Drexel interiors for typically kitchen cabinets, visit Drexel's new design center on one hundred forty six three river road or a north shaven Drexel. I n dot com. I met with traffic on the FIS. Follow us on Twitter. WIBC traffic, Marcus Bali, which TV meteorologist what's happening. Good morning. Tony. It's obviously chilly start here this morning. We're going to stay cool all day long with gradual clearing system..

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