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This big old, world or the little guy There's only one thing I can think All that good may differ If I had a. Bulldozer everything would be fine I would never have Over. Never have to stay If, I had a bulldozer I'd have lots of places I just look for, that brand new car. Bat that's taking up space If I, had a diesel rig Blade Tank I would have a paid Sees If I had a bull dozer my application would go through And my boss would run and get my coat If I decided to leave If I had a bowl The IRS would never Just also quickly With adults The big old tank Made Rain If I had a bulldozer All the doors People would treat me with a lot more respect Knock them down Had a, diesel giant play Letter Let's. Go let's go around the. Horn start at third base is from my, perspective I'm home. Plate this is dumb third base that would be as. Cosby excuse. Me ace Crosby They were on. The road, at shorts It's it's chick McGee. At the shortstop John Deere sports desk can? You do a backflip like Ozzie, Smith I, can't, at at second base. Comedian freight Kelly Endo on the road some. Of those. Rotates dates for Mr., Kellyanne. Oh momentarily I can't wait bubble boom The first base. We have Josh first base.

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